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    compatative team help please

    i can do evs so ill post moves item help too. please help me. Gengar timid shadow ball t-bolt focus blast energy ball Porygon z modest tri attack t-bolt ice beam dark pulse Mioltic bold ice beam surf recover hypnosis Skarmory impish drill peck roost whirlwind...
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    compative battle team help.

    i need help. pm me if you see something wrong, dont hesatate. need help with items too. i can ev myself. but pointers to what would be liked. if i need to switch pokemon with something please tell me. T-tar adamant stone edge earthquake dragon dance outrage Gengar timid/modest...
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    the i need rescueing thread!

    hi this is for people to post if they need help or can go help other people. please post what you need help on and i or others can help