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    The Professor Layton club

    Welcome to the Professor Layton club. Professor Layton is a series game of puzzles solving published by Level 5 for DS. If you like the game, join us. Rules 1. All SPPf rules apply. 2. No faming, spaming, and please, respect anyone in this club. Play nice. 3. I'll pick the co-owner. 4. Try...
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    Uhm... Hi?

    I'm Dragon of miracle... I'm new here. I don't think I need to hide my prolife so: 1. You can call me Higuchi (my real name) 2. I'm a Japanese. 3. I was refered here by my good friend: Junpearl63 (we're penpal) 4. I like Pokemon, Digimon, Naruto, Warrior cats... Yeah, that is that... glad...