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    XY OU Beatstick (Page One)

    Hello Again! This is Sheps back again with my most recent offensive concoction to get me to page one on the PO ladder. The team is exactly what you would think based on its name. An offensive team designed to simply beat the crap out of the opponent using pressure, momentum and synergy. What I...
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    Fight On, Artemis! (BW2 OU)

    Intro: Hello peeps, I decided to make one more team before the drop of X and Y. I remember the first team I ever put an RMT for was built around the pokemon Virizion. Although the team wasn't very good obviously, I found Virizion to be the star of the team. So, I decided to see if I could use...
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    Skyloft Knights!

    The Hero of Legend Hundreds of thousands of years in the past, there was a place known as Skyloft, a village thriving on an island above the clouds. This island lived in peace for many years, but a prophecy foretold that the village would be in great danger. It told that a demon would rise and...
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    Grrrrrrrrr! (OU Team by Sheps)

    Intro So yeah, it's been super long since I've posted an RMT, or even made a team at all. I'm super lazy and like to make as few teams as possible. While laddering I started to see a few teams with a double intimidate tactic. I decided to try it for fun and origionally the team started as a...
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    1000 Years: A Zatch Bell RPG

    ~PLOT~ It's been a thousand years since Zatch won his battle to be Momodo King, and the time for a new king to be selected was coming near. It had been an extremely peaceful era for the Momodo world under Zatch's rule, he had been the kind king that was promised to everyone. Even Zatch however...
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    Battle Rhythm

    Welcome to Battle Rhythm, where the harmony between pokemon and trainer is found. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction to Battle Rhythm 2. Harmony Division 3. Bass Division 4. Melody Division 5. War Team 6. Tutoring 7. Clan Shop 8. Tournaments and Events The Clans Mission: To provide an...
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    Antiweather, Boosting, and Screens!

    Hiya everyone, some of you might know me as a person that prefers to play in the lower tiers, but I actually enjoy OU a lot, and have been meaning to post this team for a while now. I feel like it's good, but not quite great yet, so all help is appreciated! Lead: Deoxys D@Rocky Helmet...
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    Drakes Legacy, Finding the Mirage

    Drakes Legacy: Finding the Mirage Plot The sea, it's a vast, huge place. It makes you feel like just another small fish. Drake often had thoughts like these, and he had them as he stared out into the great blue now from his modest seaside home on Floridge island. Drake...
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    And For My Next Trick....

    No, I won't be pulling a rabbit out of my hat. I'm going to share my Trick Room NU team! I used to try Trick Room in OU, but found it just wasn't good enough in the higher tiers, so I brought it down to NU and voila! It works wonders! Any kind of notes for changes to improve the team are welcome...
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    Hello, quick question:

    I have a question about getting approval for posting a new thread. If I post a new thread for say a league, and a mod denies it, will they contact me in some way letting me know they denied it? Perhaps with a reason as to why it was denied? Or do you just have to wait and see if it shows up?
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    Fill in the Blank. (Sweep Team)

    I've been using a SetnSweep team with a lot of success, however there is one slot in my party that remains undecided, no pokemon has impressed me enough to stop looking, so please tell me what pokemon should round out this team, if you see issue with anything else in my team, please let me know...
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    Trick and tripped, suggestions or concerns appreciated.

    Taking a break from my usual mixed team to put something fun and possibly successfull together. Note that i put this team together quickly with little research, so be gentle. Thanks a bunch!! 1. Nidoqueen(impish) @lefties 252 def 252 attk 4 def sheer force Earthquake toxic spikes...