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    What would you say if you woke up in bed next to the above poster? VERSION III

    Well, I remember this game being around back in the day if you know what I mean... but it's still a classic, and even though it went overboard before, we should hopefully be able to keep this alive and well. Well anyway, this game is pretty much self-explanatory. Just say what you'd say if...
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    Happy Tree Friends

    I have no idea if this thread's already made, but... Anyway, for those of you who've lived in a box their entire lives, Happy Tree Friends is a gory animated series where cute cartoon characters are killed in sometimes hilarious, sometimes disturbing ways. To be honest, I like this show -...
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    Rate the youtube video above you. Yes, another rate game rip-off.

    May I just say now, I am now a scrape who likes to rip off other people's threads, as shown here. Basically, the poster posts a link to a youtube video, and the next poster rates it, along with a short comment if necessary. They then post another youtube video with the next poster rates, and...
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    Official Punk thread!

    I know that you could argue there's an Alternative Rock thread for this, but I think that this genre's evolved enough to be able to have its own thread. ...I'm not being a scrape, shut up. Discuss Punk music here, whether it's the melodic guitars of pop-punk/emo, the extreme leaviness of...
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    eye rape!!!

    Insert pie here. http://the-sexbomb-is-here.deviantart.com/ My DA account lol, if you want to add me for some insane reason... Anyway, this is basically... eye rape. Daily eye rape for all you SPPFers. If you want your eyes to retain their virginity, I would suggest you leave this thread...
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    Silent Hill - Shattered Memories (Wii)

    ...Yeah. Just discuss the recent reimagining of the Silent Hill 1 for the Wii. To me, it didn't really seem like a Silent Hill game. Not saying it was a bad game, but it wasn't really scary like a Silent Hill game should be. The only moments that felt like a horror game were the nightmare...
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    Need help for Absol

    Well, I've decided, after breeding an Adamant 31 Attack IV'd Absol, that I was gonna have it on my team. Since it has Pressure (and I'm not rebreeding for another Absol just like this one with Super Luck), most of the standard sets are out of the question. Absol @Focus Sash Lonely, 252 ATK...
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    Google it!

    Basically, someone posts a random phrase or word(s), and the poster below it has to copy that phrase/word into Google Images, search it, copy the first picture on that page onto this thread and then post another random phrase/word, which the next poster googles, and so on. Example: Poster 1...
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    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

    Title. Discuss anything about this awesome game for the DS/Wii. I have the DS version, and it's awesome - one of the best DS games I've ever played! I'm at the second Library level on Hard mode now, and it's so awesome! Haven't played the Wii version though, but it's a really good DS game. =P