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    Help with Competitive Singles and Doubles Team

    Hey everyone! I need a little help with my competitive team. Right now, on the Rating Battles, I have a win/lose ratio of exactly 50/50. What I need help with the most is finding a replacement for Xerneas, who is my current Special Sweeper. He has great synergy with all of my team...
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    Varanus's XY Breeding, Shiny, and Event Trade Shop

    Welcome to my Trade Shop! I'm Varanus, and I breed Hidden Ability/Egg Move Pokemon for people who don't have them. I also have some shinies up for trade, but THEY ARE CLONED. Friend Code: 5129-1087-8128 IGN (in-game name): Varanus I live in GMT -6, which is CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. Everyone...
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    Google Chrome/Serebii compatibility issue

    Hey all! In the past year (or is it two years now? I don't remember) that I've been here, I've been using Serebii with Google Chrome with no issues. Then, all of a sudden, today I am unable to log in using Chrome. When I log in, I get the "Thanks for logging in; if the browser does not...
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    An Orchestra plays the Season 1 Theme Song

    This composer made an orchestrated version of the Pokemon theme song! I thought that this was really awesome, and I figured that anyone who enjoyed the Season 1 Pokemon anime as a child would appreciate it, too. I didn't know where else to post this so I made a thread...
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    Type Combos that you would like to see in the future?

    I was thinking the other day about type combinations that haven't been introduced yet, such as Poison/Electric or Flying/Fighting. Are there any unique type combinations that you guys would like to see in future games? Are there any that you think would break the game or be useless, or that...