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    Movie Lounge

    seen any good movies? know any good movies? want to TALK about any movies? well, here you go!
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    Random sentences!!!!

    I like random sentences. Let's see how many random sentences we can think of! Post up to 3 random sentences. Here are some examples: Green flowers are in my backyard screaming FIREWORKS! FIREWORKS! Cheese doodles are flying through the air with cows on their backs. My mom said that if my...
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    Hi! I'm TonksLivesOn. I'm new, I was sent here by my friend Notalwaysbalckanddwhite. This site is pretty interesting! Here are five facts to know about me: -I LOVE Harry Potter. It is my life. Dont blame me, blame the Rowling for writing the best book ever! -I like to sing, dance, and act...