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  1. Ampy

    You and your Pokemon

    Some people like to think that their Pokemon are anything more then pixels on a screen. Pokemon are not individuals and can not feel, or do not feel betrayal if you don't use them because their natures/IVs/etc suck. They are not individuals and don't need to be treated as so. My Pokemon? They're...
  2. Ampy

    Your view on "maturity" in games.

    Everyone that's played video games is familiar with the "console wars". Now that's not what this thread is about, but it's related in a way. Many people seem to hate on Nintendo because they lack "maturity" in their games. Well, people seem to think that blood, sex, violence, etc = maturity. I...
  3. Ampy

    Platinum Quest

    So I just finished my first runthrough of SS (I was too lazy to beat Kanto last time, so I just restarted), and also finished my Legendary Hunt. I then realized that I'll be pretty bored during the couple of weeks between now and when I get Black... so I thought doing a runthrough of Platinum...
  4. Ampy

    Favorite Nintendo Franchise

    Vote for your favorite Nintendo Franchise. Whether it be Zelda or Mario, Nintendo just has a way with games. Please explain why said franchise is your favorite, and which game in the franchise is your favorite and why. My favorite Nintendo Franchise would most definitely be Metroid. Why...
  5. Ampy

    Is me.

    Long hiatus is long. So I'm giving another go at my oldest (serious) BT team, but I never made a thread for it, nor did I record anything to do with, so I'm not exactly sure what EV's/moves I used last time. __________________________________________________________ @Choice Scarf 252...
  6. Ampy

    FAT's 10th!

    The rules, stick with 'em. This will probably be an easy one, but oh well. Guess away!
  7. Ampy

    Fat 9.0

    The rules, stick with 'em I'd just like to mention that this is a PBR team, so treat it that way. Enjoy! (:
  8. Ampy

    Even more FAT :)

    These are the rules, stick with 'em. And we're back!
  9. Ampy

    Opinion: The new "fact"

    One thing that really gets me about this day and age is the idea that if something is said by a certain person, it's automatically fact. I, personally, get annoyed with people that say something "sucks" or "is true" just because they believe what they say is a "fact". Now don't try to give...
  10. Ampy

    IGRMT is srs bsnss.

    Now before this thread gets pwned unfairly... this is not a ****ing joke team. It's a gimmick. Unown@Choice Specs Modest Nature EVs: 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP HP Fire Unown@Choice Specs Modest Nature EVs: 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP HP Ghost Unown@Choice Specs Modest Nature EVs: 252 SpA/252...
  11. Ampy


    Well, after getting SoulSilver I decided to revamp, what I think, is the best team I've ever made. I'm a bit rusty, so be a bit easy. P.S. I haven't used this revamp yet, nor have I started on it. I just want some suggestions before I begin...
  12. Ampy

    Video Game Collection

    So, what Video Game gems do you guys have in your collection? N64: - Super Mario 64 - Mario Kart - Mario Party - Mario Party 2 - Golden Eye - Banjo Tooie - Donkey Kong 64 - Super Smash Bros Sega Genesis: - Sonic The Hedgehog - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog 3 -...
  13. Ampy


    It's been awhile... I haven't posted a team for a few months now, and I've been bored lately so I thought "what the heck, let's make another team". This time a UU team, since I really don't have a strict UU team. Anyways, as the title shows this is a themed team, so let's get on with the show...
  14. Ampy

    Life Is Dead {BRMT}

    Just skip the intro if you aren't interested (Bossk and Eon you must read it D=<) If you didn't read my intro, am I going to tell you now that two of my favorite ways of getting away from everything is Video Games and Music, so why not mix them? Besides that, I get to show off a band I...
  15. Ampy


    Some say love stinks, others say they have no need for love, and then there's those lucky asses who can say that love is wonderful. Love, works in many different ways. Some people have the ability to jump into a relationship extremely easily, some have some difficulty but still manage, and...
  16. Ampy


    Well, since my first BT Team wasn't able to get me 100 wins (79 wins), I've decided to do a new one, hopefully this one works out. This team is based on Purple Pokémon (Regalitate is Royalty in Romanian). Well here we go. Fantomă@Choice Scarf Timid Nature Levitate EVs: 252 HP/116 SpA/140...
  17. Ampy


    Originally I wasn't going to post this team, but after seeing a lack of atleast decent teams since GS' UU team, I decided too. This is a semi-competitive team BTW. Songs: Parabola by Tool from Lateralus Indestructible by Disturbed from Indestructible Goin' Down by Three Days Grace from...
  18. Ampy

    Metal Militia (Trick Room Team)

    Well, I finally got a copy of GH: Metallica and I can't stop listening to them ever since, so I thought I'd create a Trick Room team that is somewhat based around them. Eon's team really inspired me seeing as it's the only decent. Trick Room team I've seen in the IGRMT. Songs King Nothing by...
  19. Ampy

    Counterattack (Semi Competitive RMT)

    Ok, so lately I've seen people dissing a particular Anti-lead and I want to prove them wrong. I've also been wanting to make a new team that I can use competitievly and IG so I thought I might as well do it based around this Anti-lead. I'd really like the people that don't know what they are...
  20. Ampy

    Because everyone's doing this (Soul Silver Team)

    Well, I'm anticipating Soul Silver and Heart Gold (mostly HG since I love Ho-oh)... enough with that here's the team Feraligatr@Leftovers Adamant Nature Torrent EVs: 252 Atk/252 HP/4 Def Swords Dance Aqua Jet Ice Punch Earthquake Standard SDGatr with Aqua Jet, with a small change...