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    LF HA Drampa

    Sorely need it for a competitive team I am currently putting together. I have the following HA Pokemon to offer, as well as Apriballs and Sweet/Tart Apples. Silicobra, Wooper, Dewpider, Clobbopus, Hattena, Eevee, Applin, G Farfetch'd, Indeedee, G Corsola, Snom, Pinchurchin, Rookidee, Drilbur...
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    Hidden Ability Trading

    Currently looking for the following list of HA Pokemon, preferably Female where applicable for ease of passing the ability. Swinub, Golett, Natu, Pancham, Klink, Timburr, Solosis. I currently have available for trade; Silicobra, Wooper, Dewpider, Clobbopus, Hattena, Eevee, Applin, G...
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    Mythic Dawn vs The Sinjoh Connection

    Vs. Rules 5th Gen OU 5v5 War. First clan that gets 3 wins is the winner. All battles will be best of 3. Players are allowed to change teams in between matches. Members are not, however, allowed to edit teams between battles. All battles will be 6 on 6 lvl 100 OU standard BW2 OU rules...
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    First RMT in forever

    Why hello there. God, its been ages since I even LOOKED at this section, never mind posted an RMT. Oh well, without further ado, heres the line up =] At a glance Metagross @ Occa Berry Adamant 232 HP / 252 Attack / 24 Speed Clear Body - Meteor Mash - Bullet Punch - Stealth Rock -...
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    Newer team

    OK, following a lack of replies (and some bad advice) in my last team thread,I have decided to make a newer team, once again. The Team Credit for art goes to arkeis Jolteon @ Choice Specs Timid nature 4hp/252Satk/252Spd ~Thunderbolt ~Hidden Power [Ice] / [Grass](in testing)...
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    Gym RMT

    Ok I'm a gym leader in the 'league of champions'. So far my team has being doing well, both in practice and on shoddy. However i can't help but realise it isn't perfect. So... RMT !! Ambipom @ Choice Band Jolly 4Hp/252Atk/252Spd ~Brick Break ~Payback (originally shadow claw)...
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    rate my team please :p

    ok after rating a few teams i decided its about time a posted my own. so here it is. gengar @ focus sash timid 252satk/252spd/4hp ~thunderbolt ~focus blast ~hypnosis ~shadow ball standard gengar. hypnosis and sweep. yanmega @ choice specs modest 252satk/252spd/4hp ~air slash...