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    Pokemon you would use if they were easier to find?

    Well I would definitely use the legendaries more if i could find them earlier XD
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    Anyone play ps3??

    Used to play it but then i got an xbox 360... which just so happens to rape ps3
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    Pokemon in Real Life

    We would probably live in fear cuz it would be impossible to tame them lol
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    Death: The Next Big Journey?

    I would definitely say that there is a life after this one.This life is only the beggining.
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    The Call of Duty Thread

    I am sure this is late but I just got Black ops today and I am super excited.... any tips anyone?
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    Halo CEA

    I love halo...but to me this just seems like Bungie trying to squeeze more money out of customers before it looses its thunder. I have never been a fan of remakes.
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    PSP or 3DS?

    Definitely go for the 3DS. I think a PSP is nothing more than a glorified mp3 player.
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    What makes a great game?

    Its all 100% game play to me. Everything else just contributes to the gameplay. If a game is fun, then its fun, who cares about the rest
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    Pokemon Channel!

    Pokemon channel? I have never heard of it it kinda seems like fun though hahahaha. What game system is it for?
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    I have a scar underneath my chin from falling off my bike as a kid. It took 19 stiches and it was really weird because they would put the needle through my mouth. Yeah it was gross
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Currently playing: DS: Pokemon White Xbox: Halo 3 COD Halo Reach
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    An N64 Game That Nobody Admits To Buying

    I didnt buy it because my friend had it and it was lame... They sold a lot of people on that though. Lol it was probly one of the worst N64 games out there... Pokemon Snap FTW
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    Holy S***

    Hahaha yess or especially PS3 users. To me, if a game is fun then its fun. Graphics are just a booster.
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    Lol yeahh hahha.....Minecraft is a pretty sweet game though. I am not artisitc enough for it.
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    Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

    436 Lol had to check I wasnt a newbie first XD
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    Gad's Trade Shop

    If anyone's interested in level 100 steelix (looking for legendaries) then PM me
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    Team SeaSoul

    I am a very young and new poster lol. Hopefully that will change eventually.
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    My OU team

    Oh sorry and not to mention the STAB bonus with the grass knot
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    My OU team

    Yeah...get some grass in there....maybe a Celebi with grass knot (because it kills heavy stuff AKA Swampert super fast). Other than that looks decent.
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    Team Wait..What? OU, 4th Gen.

    Yeah lol you generally give a sweeper "sweep" moves....U-turn does not happen to be one of those lol