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  1. MDS777

    Diggersby Discussion Thread

    Stats 85/56/77/50/77/78 Type: Normal/Ground Diggersby is one of the new Pokemon introduced in generation VI. Everyone thought Diggersby would just be another weak early game Pokemon alongside Talonflame, but with access to Huge Power, it is actually quite useful. Although, it comes with...
  2. MDS777

    Launcher Battle Trick Room Team

    Here is my Trick Room Team Conkeldurr (Brave Nature; +Atk -Spd) Held Item: Flame Orb Ability: Guts Let's just say that this is my favorite Pokemon in my team. He has 416 Attack and is holding a Flame Orb because he has the 'Guts' ability. I usually put him in the middle because of Rock Slide...