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    Mega Lopunny team

    After a long hiatus I've decided start a new team! I've only bred my shiny Lopunny so far so the rest are open to suggestions on Nature, EV Spread, and replacements. ;428; Lopunny @ Lopunnite Jolly, Limber 252 Atk / 252 Spe - Fake Out / Magic Coat / Substitute - Return / Facade - High Jump...
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    OU-ish WiFi Singles Team

    Currently this team is a mix-and-match of my old XY Mega Manectric double intimidate team and another team. There are redundancies that I'd like your advice on, and I'm pretty much open to any changes. Keep in mind these are already bred. Mega Sceptile (Special Sweeper) @ Sceptilite ;254...
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    Grass Super Secret Base Team

    I'm planning a Grass Type team for my Super Secret Base Gym. The battle format will be triples and I was thinking about doing something with Rototiller. I'll make any changes to the team members except for Sceptile, and a Rototiller is a must-have. ;428; Lopunny OR ;051; Dugtrio OR Diggersby...
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    Post-Game Trick Room Team (ORAS)

    I'm creating a trick room team to use in random battles! Tell me what you think (any team member can be replaced). I'm not sure if it would work better for doubles or singles. ;323; Camerupt @ Cameruptite Quiet, Solid Rock 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA - Heat Wave - Earthpower - Yawn /...
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    My first foray into GSC style spriting!

    This is a sprite I made to start off my own Gold Silver & Crystal inspired Fakedex. So far I'm still pretty new to the spriting game and am having some trouble emulating things like divots. For this sprite, I borrowed the palette from Tyrogue in Crystal. Please leave any feedback you can think...
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    Battle Maison Super Singles

    This is my team for Super Singles. I really want to get to a 200 streak, but so far my best has been 74. Tell me what you think :) Suggestions are welcome. Any team member is replaceable. Team (In order): Hydreigon @ Life Orb Timid, Levitate - Draco Meteor - Dark Pulse - Flamethrower - Flash...
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    Light Ball Pikachu & More

    Hullo. So basically I put together a team of different Pokemon that I've been wanting to try out for a while. Not really sure if they have good synergy but that's what I'm here for. I'm only going to be using them when playing with friends and overall I tried to stay away from commonly used...
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    Need help with offensive team

    Hi all. I've recently raised a new team but I'm not so sure about the movesets on my physical attackers. There are a lot of redundancies but I don't know what to replace them with. Any help at all would be appreciated! Crustle @Rocky Helmet Adamant, Sturdy -Rockwrecker -X-Scissor -Stealth...
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    Scolipede Baton Pass: New teams, new problems

    Hi all, I've been building a team around a Swords Dance baton passing Scolipede. So far, I haven't been able to pass on the boosts successfully since everything I switch out to gets hit pretty hard. Should make a more offensive Scolipede instead? I'm also thinking about replacing Azumarill and...
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    Suggestions for Emerald Team

    I finally got around to playing Emerald and I have two open spots for my main team (preparing for the Pokemon League). I'm going for a well rounded group with type coverage, so any suggestions? Current Team: Blaziken (Physical) - Brick Break, Overheat, Bulk Up, Return Mightyena...
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    I'm new. I like Pokemon.