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    Chapter 1: The Halfro “Raticate, NOW! Hyper Beam! FINISH THAT WEAKLING OFF!” Rocket Executive Silver was yelling at the pale-blue Raticate standing before him, who used to belong to Blue when he was a living creature. “THAT ARCANINE’S ALMOST DEAD! COME ON, NOW!” yelled Silver. His short...
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    HeartGold Team

    This is my HeartGold team I used to get through post-game up until Red. Please rate, all rates will be appreciated! Tyranitar ;248; Level 86 Lonely Nature Crunch Stone Edge Earthquake Substitute Tyranitar is my highest level pokemon and the one I usually start out with. Stone Edge and...
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    Vali's Event Shop!

    Welcome to Vali's Event Shop! You can find almost any Generation 4-5 event here! I'm mainly wanting shinies because I spend most of my time event collecting. THIS SHOP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED PROMOTIONS: I try to be on as often as possible, but I do have school, so I won't be on 24/7. RULES...