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    communism is a greatly misunderstood concept, especially in western society. it has undeserved negative connotations because of propaganda spread against communist russia by the allied powers, specifically america. this isnt without reason though; a large number of the greatest communist leaders...
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    A little help.

    I have a little help with a forum. I know that it's not allowed but I'm not going to link to it or do anything like that. I recently created a MyBB forum and a friend of mine offered to make user bars for mods, admins, etc. I uploaded these images to Photobucket and copied the HTML code of...
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    Sony Computer Entertainment Club

    I didn't see any thread like this. I even searched the forums for it. So now I'm making one. Mods, if there's already a thread like this, please inform me. Welcome to the Sony Computer Entertainment club. What you can do here: - Discuss the various video games coming out for...
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    Abortion. Right or Wrong?

    The main argument for abortion is that the woman has a right to do what she wants since it may prove unhelpful for her or the baby and she may lead a horrible life. The baby may also have diseases which may not enable it to lead a proper life, in which case, abortion is an option. However, many...
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    Authors' Profiles V.2

    - Approved by Psychic Hello everyone. I'd like to restart the once great thread that is now too old and currently dieing in a corner of the Author's Cafe (here), and also because there are many new authors in here who have joined over the years. The basic idea of this thread is for authors...
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    What's your age and gender?

    What's your age and gender, authors? Thats right. Me? I'm only thirteen =P
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    Litmus Tests.

    Hey guys, just wanted to know your opinion on Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu litmus tests. I once took one for my main charecter in Pokemon Infinity and got 'regular charecter'. Then I took another and got 'Gary-Stu'. So what are your opinions. Do these tests really work? If so, could you post some...
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    Verbal Skills?

    A study conducted by Washington University showed that women have better verbal skills than men. Well, duh - Some famous guy whose name I don't remember. Hi, I don't know whether to put this in the miscellanous discussion or here, but I've decided that here would be appropriate. If it's not...
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    Eternity [One-shot]

    Just something that popped into my mind while reading Ventus3's bannete poem. Hope you like it. Warning: Disturbing Imagery Eternity Thud, thud, thud My footsteps could be heard, echoing throughout the shed. I was sweating horribly as I ran towards the exit. I could hear the sounds...
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    Pokemon Infinity

    This is my second attempt at a proper Fan fic. I abandoned my first one after three chapters. I'm only 13 and starting out writing stories so please don't be too harsh. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. * *** * Pokemon Infinity Disclaimer:The characters portrayed in this...
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    Everon ( Rated PG-13 for language )

    Hey guys. This is my first fic. English is not my first language so kindly point out any spelling or grammatical errors that I may have made. Enjoy. * EVERON...
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    The Excuse Game.

    The rules are very simple. The first poster gives a problem and the second poster has to give a good excuse for it and also ive another problem. eg : First Poster - You did'nt do your homework. Second Poster - My brother ate it. You broke you're Mom's...
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    Your thoughts on the Gts website.

    Now I dont know if this belongs here or not but I'm just going to post it here anyway. As you might or might not know the official GTS website opened today. I just made this thread to know your thoughts on the website. Personally I think it could've been better. There are only a few...
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    The Next Generation's Features

    What do you want or expect the next generation console or portable to have. For me I want the next portable to have better graphics and the next console to have space to store songs video clips and images.
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    Threads not appearing

    I'm using invisionfree forums and i have created many topics ut none of them show up on the main page.. Can somebody please help me
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    Banner Help

    Site help anyone knows how to put a banner on the top of a freewebs page and can u also tell me how to arrange my nav bar so that it is much easier to use. my url is http://www.freewebs.com/blazeisland its not much though. i only made it a week ago EDIT : The layout and banner...