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    The Graduate's Path (May contain violence and language)

    The Graduate's Path (PG) Info: This fic takes place in an original region where one must have a degree in any Pokemon study to be an official Trainer. The main character, Rukus, is 17 and has a degree in both Pokemon Battles & Training and Orienteering. The law of the region says that a student...
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    Shiny Zorua, Zoroark and Shimama (Speculatory)

    These are my guesses of what the shiny forms of Zorua, Zoroark and Shimama will be like. Crit?
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    PS2 Controller "Spasms"

    Hi guys. After thinking about a bit of my pre childhood I decided to break out Digimon World 2003. I haven't used my PS2 in quite a few months and when the game started up, the controller had a mind of it's own. It was scrolling and selecting like mad without me pressing anything. After a bit...
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    Pokémon Agent: The Search for Zoroark (13+ - Contains Strong Language and Violence)

    Pokémon Agent: The Search for Zoroark (13+ - Contains Strong Language and Violence) Pronunciations You May Need: Koukon Karasu ~ Koo (Sounds like "Blue") Con Kara (Sounds like "Cara" in "Caravan") Soo (Sound's like "You") Irujon ~ Eeroo - Gen (Pronounced like the "Gen" in "Genre")...
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    Mixed Worlds [13+] Pokémon & Digimon RPG (REDONE)

    Mixed Worlds [13+] Pokémon & Digimon RPG (REDONE) Redone to match up with Razor_Leaf's previous questions and advice. 6 POSITIONS LEFT Thousands of milleniums ago, 2 worlds were connected. Monsters seperated by a barrier lived on each. A prophercy foretold that the two world's...
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    Mixed Worlds [13+] Pokémon & Digimon RPG

    Mixed Worlds [13+] Pokémon & Digimon RPG It got out of control. Something was happening. Dialga and Palkia sensed this disturbance. As did Yggdrasil, though being a computer program. Both the Pokémon and Digital Worlds have not been kept well and are facing destruction. "How are we going to...
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    More Stat Based Evolution

    Does anyone here think there should be more Stat Based Evolution Methods in the -possible- upcoming Generations other than Tyrogue? I mean, in Digimon World Dusk (US Import =D) the stats are normally the main content of most the Digivolutions, other than level. For example, to get from Agumon...
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    The SSP Book Club

    Hi, welcome to the SSP Book Club, where you can discuss what you are currently reading, last read or are planning to read! Rules: Obey ALL SSP Rules NO SAYING "oMg ThAT bUUk Is CRaP!!!1!!" or anything likewise Small Criticism of Books will be accepted, but only small. With a reasonable...
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    What do you want to see in Serebii's Coverage after Release?

    As the title says, when the Game is released in Japan, what would you like to see in Serebii.net's Coverage? As for me, I'd like to see if Shiny Pokémon are shiny Outside the Pokéball like Gyrados. I'd also like to see the differences between the GTS in HGSS to DPPt. If any of the Exclusive...
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    Yet Another Bang Your Head on the Keyboard Game

    All you have to do is bang your head on the jeyboard and whatever comes up, you write what it could stand for. For example: b6hbng Be 6, he'll never go.
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    Someone saw Dexter's Lab: Dexter's Rude Removal (Contains Strong Language)

    It isnt a video, but it's what happens in the Dexter's Laboratory Episode Dexter's Rude Removal. http://www.tv.com/dexters-laboratory/show/753/dexters-rude-removal/topic/749-112430/msgs.html?page=1&tag=pagination;2 (Slightly downwards on the page.) I can imagine Dexter saying those kind...
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    The "Crazy Experiences at Restaurants" Thread Number 4

    Just like the others, post anything strange, weird, funny, disturbing etc. That happened at a restaurant to you before. I was in Greece for 2 weeks over part of the Summer Holiday and we decided to go to a restaurant we hadn't been to before. I couldn't have Seafood because of a Ear Infection...
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    -All Games- Your Great Game Achievements

    This is for all games, Nintendo or Othewise. So, have you ever done something amazing in a game? Maybe PWNED a Time Trial in Mario Kart? Or Killed a boss almost instantly in Final Fantasy? Well, gloat here! Me and my best friend completed All-Star Mode in SSBB in 5 minutes (That's the time...
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    The Xiaolin Showdown Club

    Yes, I know Xiaolin Showdown is cancelled, but does that mean we can't make a club for it? I wouldent think so! Welcome to the Xiaolin Showdown Club! Where fans of the show unite! I'll only need 3 Co-Owners. ~The Rules~ Obey Serebii Rules Do not flame. When Disagreeing with somebody, do not...
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    Wii stopped reading discs.

    My friend was playing Sonic Unleashed on my Wii but then an error message came up. So I played Animal Crossing and turned off the Wii. When I next tried to play a game the Wii wouldent read the disc. It makes 2 clicking sounds and then stops. It wont read ANY disc. What should I do to make...
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    DSi UK Launch Date Revealed!

    http://mailer1.game.co.uk/servlet/website/ResponseForm?nHtLEPrTW_.2ezpeHNgJoEsNrLJmohtilhgFohmtHpsDJhDNr By the looks of it we get the DSi 2 days before America!
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    Pokémon Diamond And Pearl Adventure Disscussion

    Pokémon Diamond And Pearl Adventure Disscussion The old thread's last post was 4 months old, and I didnt want to bump another thread by accident :/ Opinions? Predictions? Suggestions? All go here. First up, opinions: I got the Manga from Amazon.co.uk and it came today. I've read the...
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    Spoof a Pokémon song!

    Spoof a Pokémon song! Spoof the lyrics from any song in the Animé. Pokémon Series 1 Theme N00B Version: I wanna be the very best like everyone is To faint them is my real test To store them deep in my box is my cause I have travelled across the land Forgetting to save! Now I've...
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    My First Deck! "Fire Fighter Deck".

    This is my first deck so please don't be too harsh. Fire Fighters Pokémon X1 Infernape LV.40 (D/P) X2 Monferno LV.18 (D/P) X2 Chimchar LV.18 (D/P) X1 Rhydon LV.43 (D/P) X1 Rhyhorn LV.19 (D/P) X1 Munchlax LV.8 (D/P) X1 Lucario LV.30 (D/P) X1 Riolu LV.7 (D/P) X1 Rapidash LV.34...
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    Xiaolin Showdown: Disscussion, Make a Wu, Make a Showdown ETC.

    Does anyone else miss Xiaolin Showdown? Here you can: Re-call memories, create anything for the show and...do anything about it! (Even short episode ideas!) I'm gonna make a few Wu. Name: Emerald Of Krakus Element: Light Ability: When used normaly, sends many gems flying at the opponent...