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    ~Mario Kart Thread

    This thread is dedicated to the Mario Kart series of games. I understand that they are made by Nintendo, so I supposed that this was the appropriate forum for it. In this thread, we should discuss any of the Mario Kart games, from the original Mario Kart up to the anticipated Mario Kart 8...
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    ~The Dark Type Pokemon Fan Club

    ~Welcome to the Dark Type Fan Club! Note: Looking for someone to make banners for this club! Here, dark type pokemon rule! In this club, we discuss dark type pokemon, their attributes, styles, forms, and anything else dark. Now you must be wondering, "Who is this Oarfish guy?" or perhaps "If...
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    Oarfish's Main Team

    First, I would like to say that I have read the rules and will try to abide by them. :) Also, I will go ahead and say that I am not much of a status move person, preferring combat moves and offensive attacks. Please do not hold this against me :P. My Team: Hydreigon@Leftovers Nature...
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    Oarfish Trade Shop

    Welcome to Oarfish Trade Shop! If you choose "other" in my poll, please pm me why Note: this shop is still being updated. If I need to change anything, feel free to post (constructive) feedback. I an also seeking someone to make banners for this shop. Thank You. Rules: 1. All sppf rules...
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    ~subway doubles team~

    I am somewhat new to the battle subway, and thus have not had a high win-streak. This is my current team; I would appreciate any suggestions, including moves and even team substitutions. Thank you in advance. Gallade 252 Attack-252 Speed-4HP Bashful:need item Night Slash Psycho...