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  1. Z

    Rough Return

    It's been awhile since I've posted a team to get rated here, so I will introduce myself: I am zerocielX, and I used to come here quite often during the BW 1 era. But when BW2 came out I moved down to the UU and RU tiers and stopped coming here at all. And now, I am afraid I kind of suck at OU...
  2. Z

    Rough Return to OU

    Hey there, I'm zero, and it's been a while since I last posted an RMT here. Anyways, I decided to post this because I've recently been submerged in the Underused tier, then when I decided to return to the OU metagame, most of my teams were outdated with all the changes that B2W2 brought and I...
  3. Z

    RU: The "Smexy" Tier

    Yup, I decided to move down to the RU tier after spending so much time in the OU and UU tiers. Anyways, seeing as this was my first time playing here, I was unsure of what Pokemon to use. I eventually settled on a basic FWG core and went from there. I'm not going to do an "Team Building Process"...
  4. Z

    Team Machamp!!!! (UU RTM)

    Hey, what is up guys. Zero here bringing you guys my latest UU team. I've being UU for some time now and I really enjoy it. Anyways, I made this team based around one very particular threat: Machamp. Boasting an impressive 130 Base Attack and great natural bulk, its easy to why Machamp is a...
  5. Z

    An OU Volt-Turn team I guess....

    Okay, so when I first made this team, I wasn't trying to make it a Volt-Turn team, it kind of just transformed into one as I went along. It works rather well, but I would like some opinions on my current team, to make it work even better. Anyways here it is. Rotom-C [Honda]...
  6. Z

    Chance of Pace (UU RTM)

    Change of Pace (UU RTM) I spend too much time in OU, so I decided to make another UU team, for a change of pace. I'm not too good at making teams in this tier, because I'm kind of unfamiliar with it, so help will be greatly appreciated. Here is my team ||||| And Now, A Closer Look...
  7. Z

    Team Kyurem!!

    In honor of the new, recently revealed Kyurem Forms and the upcoming Black/White 2, I decided to build a team around Kyurem. Well, not exactly around him, but you get my point. Kyurem is at his best when snow is falling around him, so this will be a Hail team. Anyways, with this team, I focused...
  8. Z

    Team Zero (OU RTM)

    Team Feathers and my two Sandstorm teams work pretty well, so I decided to make a new OU team. And just to let you know, I kinda just threw this team together without thinking too much about synergy, so I expect a lot corrections to be made :P Anyways, on with the team. At a Glance...
  9. Z

    The King of Sands (Uber RTM)

    As a child, one the greatest joys in life was running into your backyard and jumping into your little sandbox, where your imagination ran wild, and you built majestic castles, roads for your toy cars, and sometimes making delicious (but inedible) sand pies! Sand, in general, is very fun to play...
  10. Z

    There's Sand in my Trousers!!

    Ugh, so much sand, it's not even funny. Anyways, since I can't get away from, I might as well get the best from it. Here's my team: ...... Closer Inspection Reptar the Tyranitar Item: Leftovers Trait: Sand Stream (duh) 252 HP/ 4 Sp.Atk/ 252 Sp.Def Sassy Nature Moves Stealth Rock...
  11. Z

    A new OU team

    Hey there guys, today I would like to introduce you to my new OU team. Team Feathers was a great success, but using the same gets kind of boring, so that's when I decided to make a new team. Since I had no real idea of what I was trying to accomplish, I started from scratch and went from there...
  12. Z

    RMT: First UU team ever

    I spend most of my time playing OU, but I'm growing very tired of it, seeing the same pokemon on the same copy+paste team. So i decided to try out UU, for a chance of pace (and hopefully some clear skies) Changes in BOLD TEAM AT A GLANCE Hitmontop[TopMan] @ Leftovers Trait:Technician...
  13. Z

    RMT: Team Feathers! (another try at it)

    My last team didn't work as well as i had hoped, so after countless battles, i made a couple of modifications, and it seems to be working well. It's far from perfect, but it gets the job done often. And now, without further ado, i present Team Feathers Togekiss [Syrene] @ Leftovers...
  14. Z

    RTM (insert clever name for a flying team here)

    Me and my friends are doing this gym leader thing, so i decided to become a flying-type leader and came up with this team. Staraptor (Prez) @ Lum Berry Ability:Intimidate EVs:4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd Nature: Jolly - Brave Bird - Close Combat - Quick Attack - U-Turn Staraptor is a scouting...
  15. Z

    um, hi there

    im new here, so i thought i would say hi to serebii community. HELLO ^_^