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    #273 Seedot / #274 Nuzleaf / #275 Shiftry

    Looking for a male Nuzleaf (any level, any ability) with the move Extrasensory. Don't have much to offer (except maybe DWF Riolu). PM me if interested. ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    #102 Exeggcute / #103 Exeggutor

    Looking for a male Exeggcute (any level, any ability) with the move Extrasensory. Don't have much to offer (except maybe DWF Riolu). PM me if interested. ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    Tuner Deck (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    Ah, I see now. In that case, might I suggest using Blackwings? 9 of them are Tuners (including Kogarashi, who has 2300 ATK) And since they're all Winged-Beasts, you can run Solidarity and/or Gozen Match to lockdown your opponent. ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    Tuner Deck (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    Umm...I'm not entirely sure I understand what this Deck is about. Tuner monsters are meant to used as a means to an end (i.e. Synchro-Summoning). Having a Deck filled with nothing but Tuners is as redundant and puzzling as an all-butter sandwich. What I think you should do is pick one Tuner...
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    Naturia Deck

    Just something I'm muckin' about with: MONSTERS (20): Naturia Marron (x3) Naturia Cherries (x3) Naturia Bamboo Shoot (x2) Naturia Pumpkin (x2) Naturia Cliff (x2) Naturia Fruitfly (x2) Naturia Cosmobeet Naturia Dragonfly Dandylion Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo Lonefire Blossom Redox, Dragon Ruler of...
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    6 Samurai Deck

    Ah, OK. Gotcha. But I'm guessing he'd be useful in something like a Naturia Deck, right? EDIT: OK, I've shaken up the deck a bit, so thoughts? :) ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    6 Samurai Deck

    So, turns out that Catastor will be included in the Collectable Tins this year, so hooray! And speaking of tins, I'm thinking of adding Redox to my Deck, but I wanted some opinions first :) ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    *cracks knuckles* Well, let's see what we got here... Yanchamu - Yes then! *brofists Yanchamu* This guy looks like one B.A.M.! Definitely a shoe-in for a spot on my team. Yayakoma - A little simple, but I can dig it. I probably won't use it though. Elikiteru - I'm guessing this guy is based...
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    6 Samurai Deck

    Fixed :) ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    6 Samurai Deck

    Ah, I see. Since his use is highly situational though, can I just put him into the Side Deck? BTW, I've given it some thought and incorporated Instant Fusion. I've also added some cards to the Side Deck. ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    6 Samurai Deck

    Got Scarred Warrior, so I added him in :) You're gonna have to explain GK Pearl to me 'cause I'm not sure I get it. I'm thinking of maining Instant Fusion like you suggested, but I'm not sure which cards I should remove... It would make it a hella lot easier to summon Kusanagi and N16. What do...
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    6 Samurai Deck

    Thanks for the suggestions! I've ammended the first post accordingly. Not sure how I'm gonna get Breakthrough Skill; the prices are ridiculous e.e... Oh, and I actually have a Crimson Blader, so that works out great :D Do suggest some ideas for the Extra Deck; I'd love to hear them :) EDIT...
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    6 Samurai Deck

    Well, I've recently started getting into Yu-Gi-Oh and after researching many 6S decks, I came up with this: MONSTERS (15): Grandmaster of 6S (x2) Hand of 6S Spirit of 6S L6S Kageki (x2) L6S Kizan (x3) 6S Zanji Kagemusha of 6S (x3) Elder of 6S (x2) SPELLS (16): Asceticism of 6S (x2) Shien's...
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    Fire Emblem Series! - Remember your spoiler tags!

    OK, this game is waaay harder than I'd expected, and I'm only playing Normal.... I think I'm gonna restart, but I'll give it a month or two before I re-attempt. Honestly, I was a bit of a prat to try it on Classic mode first run, esp. since I have ZERO experience in SRPGs. ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    Fire Emblem Series! - Remember your spoiler tags!

    @AuraChannelerChris: Really? I'm curious; tell me your opinion on Casual vs. Classic :) ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    Fire Emblem Series! - Remember your spoiler tags!

    Well, I finally got around to picking up this game... *sigh* FML... ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    The Club Nintendo Thread

    Hey, at least they're cheaper than the SNES Wii controller and the SMB characters figurine :) Just be glad that there's actually something new on EU Star Catalogue for a change. I'm at 3250 Stars atm, so I could potentially get one sometime soon... ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    Luigi's Mansion Series

    ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    Animal Crossing Series

    Ah, OK. Gotcha. One question though; is AC "high-maintenance"? By that, I mean if you don't play it for a while, do things in your town go to crap? ~The Head Honchkrow~
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    Share your feelings

    Feel like a total dirtbag atm. In a moment of madness, I did this really stupid thing on Monday, and I regret it entirely. Now, I can't shake this terrible feeling that I may do it again (or worse). ~The Head Honchkrow~