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    Styler Destuction?

    I was just thinking, if the Styler breaks, do you have to start from the VERY beginning?
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    Am I Dreaming!?

    Are these ENGLISH Diamond and Pearl screens real? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A26V07gGmDY
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    Not real glitch.

    Korinku PMed me a while ago, saying that the Manaphy egg glitch doesn't work. To the people who belived it was real, the person who told you so was telling a bunch of lies.
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    More Names!

    Diaruga is now Dialga, and Parukia is now Palkia! Discuss your feelings here!
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    Oh look. When you go to the event for Sheimi, a little someone says hi. Not Prof. Oak, but ;492; tumbles down to play. Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IPVJG_ZQxQ&NR
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    Mudkip Bios

    This is to learn which part of my Mudkip Litter you might want in July. I'll have to get Pearl first. BOYS Hydro, owned by Bonslyfan27 He loves playing in mud! At his bedtime, he makes a soil bed. Puddles, owned by Armored Zangoose He loves to swim. He loves bathes, too! Comes with Water...
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    Mudkips! Free to good homes!

    I am running out of places to store Pokemon on Emerald, so i'm giving out Pokemon, like an event! PM me to set up a trade for them along with the form below: TRAINER NAME: FRIEND CODE: MUDKIP NAME: MUDKIP NATURE: MUDKIP GENDER: HOLD ITEM: Extra Info: Items and names are optional. I...