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  1. Venia Silente

    Where We Live And Work [GtI]

    Hey everyone. It took quite a while due to... weird issues with the site, but I brought yet another story. This was published originally for PokéCommunity's Get Together 2020 contest, with the prompt "home". And for extra bonus, it uses the same cast as my previous Gates story, Making the...
  2. Venia Silente

    Playfield Redux: 10th Anniversary Version

    Merry Delayed Saturnalias, dear readers. Since it'd be a bummer that the year was spent without me publishing more stuff here, I decided to update one of my older stories posted in Serebii. "Playfield " was published a good 10 (ten) years ago after being originally published as a submission...
  3. Venia Silente

    Forever Catch (a celebratory two-shot)

    Hello fellows from Serebii whom I have not seen in a while. It feels good to get to publish something in this nice day of Aug 19, or 20 depending on timezones, evil as they may be. Why this day? Well, on August 19 the world celebrates the International Day of Photography, which is not about...
  4. Venia Silente

    Making the World Go 'Round [GtI]

    Scenario Notes: Firuz is a human Isekai'd into the PMD world of "Gates to Infinity" as a Tepig. Early during the plot of Gates, Firuz, here going under the name 'Feremiz', has been assisting their team boss Vorylina with various tasks as they look for information about a three-headed dragon...
  5. Venia Silente

    Fanfics in the Web 1.5 - Formatting and Presentation, and a regression

    Last fic I wrote (not here, but I'll get to the why) brought up an issue that I had noticed for a couple of years across fanfic communities but that I had never been able to properly put into words until a relatively recent conversation with @bobandbill but I guess I've waited it out too long...
  6. Venia Silente

    [OS] Simpler than Magic

    Hello there! About some time I hadn't published a story here so I guess why not, anytime is a good time. In this opportunity I want to bring to you a story that I originally wrote for a contest about "magic". Like, just the word, in general terms, and see what do we do with it. For this...
  7. Venia Silente

    Overlord ["Criminal Intent" Contest, 2015]

    Good time-of-day, my dear readers, and welcome to yet another piece of such lovable activity as is writing. Of course, I apologize for not engaging in it more often, and as a small token of bribery appreciation I'd like to present to you my entry to the Criminal Intent 2015 Writing Contest. (The...
  8. Venia Silente

    Silly human, romance is for Nidoran!

    Hey Serebii people. Long time not showing up around here, but this is just as good a day to fix that as any other. Because really, I wouldn't have anything better to do on a day such as Valentine's, right? I'm here to present a small story that, actually, was written a long time ago. But I...
  9. Venia Silente

    [Interpretations] Built for Risk (unedited)

    Hello everyone, this is Solovino after a looooong absence. I had this idea for the Serebii "Interpretations" contest that I hope you may enjoy. The questions leading to the interpretation are simple… how dangerous are the arenas and stadiums in the Pokémon World? You probably have wondered...
  10. Venia Silente


    “ Playfield ” PC Get-Together 2009 Small Writing Contest: 3rd place Welcome, readers. This is my second work submitted here at Serebii, and my first One-Shot ever. It was developed over the course of three weeks as an entry for the writing contest held at PokéCommunity on Aug. 2009...
  11. Venia Silente


    Welcome to “Sixth”" -- my first fic posted here at Serebii. Notes on Development This work is subdidided into a series of small text snippets or "mini-stories", ranging anywhere from 600 to 2500 words each. A descriptive title will be provided for each and will be used to build a quick...