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    RMT Diamond-BT team

    Team for the Battle Tower in Diamond, they are EV'd but I never kept track of how many or in what stat they went to, so just comment and rate n stuff. Thanks. ;448; -Lucario@ Black Belt, Mild nature -Close Combat -Earthquake -Aura Sphere -Me First(filler) ;181; -Ampharos@ Shell Bell...
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    YGO Warrior-Themed Deck

    This is a deck with a Warrior-type main theme. It is fairly old, with a lot of cards from old Structure decks and old Booster Packs. Please rate honestly. Monsters:19 Black Luster Soldier Gilford the Legend Samsara Kaiser Mataza the Zapper Battle Ox(2) Chithonian Soldier Obnoxious...
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    Emerald Battle Frontier Level 50 Team

    This is the team I use for my Battle Frontier challenges. Right now I only have a silver Luck symbol, but am working on that. Any criticism is welcome, creative or destructive. 1.Sceptile(lvl.50) ;254; - Impish,Overgrow -Leaf Blade -Slam -Dragon Claw -Giga Drain 2.Swellow(lvl.50)...