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    Orange's Nuzlocke Giveaway!

    I am looking to reset my Pokemon White game so I can play a Nuzlocke run. However, it'd be a waste to delete all of these Pokemon that someone might want. Rules: Do not expect anything to have perfect IVs. I will list the level and nature of the Pokémon but I don't have the patience to...
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    Momos sprites

    It's body seems too short.
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    Complete Pokedex

    How are you two the same people? O_o
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    Complete Pokedex

    Saving as jpeg would make this image useless.
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    Pichu's "Cybersuits"

    Is this pixel art? If so, this belongs in fan-sprites.
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    The Somewhat Cliché Adventues of Morton and Millie

    Millie's boyfriend is in RS style, yet everything else is in FRLG style. X)
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    purpleslime's sprites

    Please save as png.
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    Concerns regarding the Requests/Project Rule

    I would argue that if a spriter is good or not depends on the person looking at the sprite. After all, it's supposed to be an art form.
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    Jake's Sprites! =D

    Nice. Did you scratch the backgrounds?
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    Pallet Town Assassin

    "i Am ThE mUrDeReR!"
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    These are sprites, if not junk.

    >_> You haven't seen much, and I haven't seen your's.
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    I thought it was pretty obvious. After all, you have to click it to see my sprites, why would I put someone elses sprite there?
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    What is your problem, specificly?
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    The forgotten region

    That's your solution for everything. >_>
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    The forgotten region

    The old sprites were majorly deformed, but their lineart wasn't as shakey.
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    These are sprites, if not junk.

    I only saw another thread with that title. >_< I didn't see it until after I made the topic. That thread existed before then, though. Do you spot any flaws on what you consider my best?
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    These are sprites, if not junk.

    I want negative and constructive comments.
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    Lord Sceptile's Sprites 2.0

    Why is the bump shifting?