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    Orange's Nuzlocke Giveaway!

    I am looking to reset my Pokemon White game so I can play a Nuzlocke run. However, it'd be a waste to delete all of these Pokemon that someone might want. Rules: Do not expect anything to have perfect IVs. I will list the level and nature of the Pokémon but I don't have the patience to...
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    These are sprites, if not junk.

    Please give me "These are excelent sprites! 8/10" style ratings only(!). If it's the same, without the number rating, don't post then either. Um, click the following link for sprites. http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a3/Shadow_Ralts/ I'm lazy, so a formal front page will be put up later...
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    Is it posible to host a website on your own computer?
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    Sprites by Orange

    Yeah, Emo Ralts wants to die. I have no idea why. I think it's because many people don't give proper reviews. :( This is my sprite thread nothing much here. You may use these sprites on this forum if you give credit. Ask for permission to use them on other forums. NOTE: Do not crit any of...
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    Sprite Face-off v2!

    In this game, three similar sprites made by participants will be voted on. The one who gets 10 votes wins! Rules: You may vote once every two other people. For example, D votes, then X, then U, and then D may vote again. People with sprites in voting may not vote. If more than three people...
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    Sprite Shtuff

    ^ Note that the poll is comaring thread rating versus poll rating. Eh, not really paying attention. ToDo: Pikalicious Revamps (Status: Inactive) Ebiburgermon Pixel-over (Status: Need colours) Request by pm, please!!
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    >{[(Orange's Shop)]}<

    Open Orange's Shop NOW HIRING Stuff to do: Grondon Sub Orange Eipam Mixes(Up to 2): 2nd Generation Revamps(Crystals will not be animated): Trozei Revamps: Subsititutes: Limbed eggs: Unlimbed eggs: Chao: Recolours: Overshades: (Is also a mix) All requests you...
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    Orange Eipam's Sprite thread I upload all of the sprites I made on my Photobucket Account. Newest: