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    Tell me what you think

    What do you think of a person who makes a statement like this?Are they right or wrong?Explain your response.A person like this IMO is horrible,and it is morally wrong. The Statement? "..OHH AND SINCE WHEN IS IT A CRIME TO **** UP PPL IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER??!?!?...I'VE BEEN DOING...
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    samsung u600i help!

    how can i put apps like tea shark on my phone....(i already have tea shark but i had to pay to download it from the mobile web. how come when i use tea shark and i go onto a site like Facebook....after i log in and click on somethin(like try to see someones profile)it tells me that im not...
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    Spinarak is a fake spider!

    Have you ever noticed that Spinarak the "Spider Pokemon"has six legs?For proof play colo.When you faint the Spinarak it goes onto its back...and then in full view you can clearly see six legs!
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    The Showdown

    Can someone help me with this.You know event 51.What character should I use?
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    Will Ash ever get back his Primape?

    Didn't that guy say he'll give it back.Wasn't Ash in Kanto why coudn't he take it back?
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    Do people eat Pokemon?

    In that world .Do they kill Pokemon for meat???Like a pidgey for chicken and Milktank for Beef?
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    Do people eat Pokemon?

    In that world .Do they kill Pokemon for meat???Like a pidgey for chicken and Milktank for Beef?
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    Help with Misdrevus in Colo.(Sorry for mispelt word)

    Can someone tell me where you find Mis. in colo.
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    Question for smash.

    If you lose to a challenger e.g.mewtwo can you ever get back the character?
  10. K

    Help with Ranger.

    Help for a master of ranger I forgot what pokemon is R14.You know on the Styler.Thanks.
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    What do you want from a ranger guide?

    So what do you want from a Ranger,guide I'm making one.I want to know what elemets of the game should be included eg.Help with steelix,Gordor.I know your not dumb so thats why I want to know so I wouldn't put in what ya'll allready know.Thanks.
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    Yur highest score on Ranger capture challenges.

    Ok please don't spam,you all should know that. Sea Capture challenge. Mew monster 20:11358 Shiny Ho oh:9270 Plain capture challenge mew monster 20:11548 Mega Weavile:11301 Capture arena Burner:114500 mew monster 20:11058
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    If you could chose any parter pokemon for ranger what would it be?

    Please no spamming.I'd probably chose Absol.
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    Have you ever missed a shiny?

    Well I have it was a shiny Apiom in emerald.
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    What happened?

    I beat mario 64 ds.I got all the stars and stuff.One day I decided to play it again,I lost all my Data.Including mini games .What Happened?
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    Runinuni Kenshin

    What do you think of this anime .Place your thoughts here.
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    How do you get the Blast Through the Wall or watever it is called star,on Super Mario 64 Ds
  18. K


    How do you find the Bad Missingo.In emerald???
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    Offical shiny thread

    As you propably now this tread is about the shinies of D/P.Dicuss what colours you think they'll be.How common they'll be.Whatever have you.Just no Spam,Flaming,Bashing or talk about coloning. ~Enjoy~
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    Does that look familar

    Does the third gym leader for shinio look like Molly from Spell Of The Unown or is it just me.