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    In Game Heart Gold Team

    It's been awhile since I posted on here, and I've pretty much given up on competitive battling (mainly since everyone uses the same Pokemon almost all the time), so I've gone back to just playing along with friends and using the Pokemon I like best. With that, I'm trying out a team based on...
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    Gym Leader Star Pokemon Team

    I considered trying this out for awhile, but only got around to doing so. I made a team of six which are all also the so-called "Star" Pokemon of some of the Gym Leaders of Sinnoh. This is an in-game team, so I'm treating it as such (hence no EV's). Also, this is using the Star Pokemon of the...
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    Your first Shiny Pokemon

    Just a little discussion about when you first caught a Shiny Pokemon (not including the Red Gyarados from GSC). I remember my first one...it was a shiny Oddish that I caught in Emerald's Safari Zone...I eventually evolved it into a Bellossom...sadly, that said Pokemon is no more, due to...
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    Diamond Team, Battle Tower

    Okay, so I'm trying again for the Battle Tower, this time on my Diamond game (the one I usually frequently reset for splurging goodies to my main Pearl game), and I'd like opinions on this threesome. Spiritomb Bold nature Ability: Pressure Item Held: Leftovers Toxic Will o' Wisp Calm...
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    Friendly 3-on-3 team

    This is a team of some of my favorites that I made for battling between me and a buddy of mine. Keep in mind they're solely my faves and I'm not looking for EV spreads or anything like that (though appropriate Natures would suffice if they don't correctly go with them). I also sometimes use this...
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    Competitive 2-on-2 Team, First Attempt

    Alight, I'm giving EV training a bit more looking at now, so I wanted to make an effective 2-on-2 team with EV training. Now this is my first serious attempt in EV training, so if there's any adjustments that need to be made, please note them. Thank you! Opening Duo Infernape (Naive)...
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    Battle Tower Team

    I'm trying to get through the Battle Tower for the first time on my Diamond, and I would like to see what you all think of my Battle Tower team. Not really bothering with EV's for the time, since it's in-game. ;257; Blaziken (Hasty) @Life Orb Trait: Blaze -Stone Edge -Flare Blitz...
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    Diamond Team, On the way to Victory Road

    Okay, recently I picked up a Diamond version so I could play through the game again without restarting my Pearl version (too many good Pokemon, some irreplaceable), and now I'm at Victory Road and have this team. I know that the Natures of them might not suit them, and I didn't do any EV...
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    My First (decent) attempt at a competitive team

    Okay, I'll admit, I am a complete newbie at making true competitive teams, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyways. I'm not entirely sure what EV's to put on my team (since I usually don't EV train, but rather casually train), but I'll try my best at it anyways. So...here I go... Blaziken...
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    My Pearl Team

    I use this team nearly all the time on my Pearl game, and I wish to know what you all think of it. Roserade (Rash nature) Wise Glasses -Energy Ball -Shadow Ball -Sludge Bomb -Synthesis (via egg) Rhyperior (Brave nature) Quick Claw -Crunch (via egg) -Earthquake -Stone Edge -Hammer...
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    I am Twilight Gallade. I hope to enjoy being on these forums and possibly make a few friends!