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    Sexuality? (Not a Debate Thread so go away debaters)

    I am a bisexual...not very happy about it, I don't like bisexuals :(
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    Favorite Cartoon Innuendos/Subliminal Messages?

    My favorite one is from Rocko's Modern Life, Rocko was a Phone Sex Operator. You know what, ALL of the innuendos are my favorite in this show except the one when Rocko Grabbed a Bear's Balls and squeezed them. Another good one was in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic when Rarity said "I...
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    Biggest ripoffs you've seen at a store

    This includes ANY kind of store except Gamestop/EB Games, OBVIOUSLY Gamestop rips you off and we don't want this full of NOTHING but Gamestop Haters, I mean I'D love it, but I know you guys wouldn't. The biggest rip off for in a store BESIDES ****ING GAMESTOP was $10 for this bag of chicken at...
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    Which game is the rarest game you own?

    For me it's a copy of Star Fox Adventures in Mint Condition...that or Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
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    Hitman Absolution

    This game is criminally underrated and why? For being a clone of Metal Gear Solid...but tell me...is that such a bad thing? That makes NO sense for criticism, there need to be MORE games like Metal Gear Solid, I've seen reviewers give scores as low as 5/10 for this game because it's too much...
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    Has anyone actually beaten Skyrim's Storyline?

    It's not a hard game to play but you get sucked into side quests and the massive world, it's a work of art even, I've only ever known one guy irl who beat Skyrim's Story and his name was Josh
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    Is it me or....

    Is it me or did Ash's eyecolor change between seasons? Weren't his eyes black and they're now light brown?
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    Worst Anime you ever watched (4Kids Anime doesn't count)

    For me it could be Bible Black, the voice acting is worse then any other dub
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    That moment your console freezes while it's saving your game...

    I just got done playing Hitman Absolution and it froze while I was saving so I HAD to turn off my Xbox360 and when I reloaded I lost my Game Data...I thought that games came with back up saves like with Pokemon? I mean that was on Nintendo DS, this is the Xbox360, it could've done it easily. Has...
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    Jim Henson's Dinosaurs

    What do you guys think of this show? I notice no one and I mean NO ONE Online talks about this show and I don't know why, it's a Masterpiece and something fresh
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    Banned Members? Which were the worst?

    I'm REALLY curious about the opinions of people and friends so I asked around on several sites and ALOT of people tell me it's this guy named Babylon Ethan. I wouldn't know anything about that cause none of them wanted to talk about him. But enough about what I heard, I want to hear the...
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    Opinions on the Wii?

    I say that the Wii had a unique concept...for the time but that I felt left behind in Gaming Technology when I bought one due to it's sad hardware. Don't get me wrong, the Wii has SEVERAL great games like Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Punch Out, The Virtual Console, Xenoblade, The Last...
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    Xenoblade Chronicles

    Hands down the best game developed by a Nintendo studio DESPITE hideously outdated Wii hardware. More then anything I want Xenoblade HD If there is one thing Wii U can do to redeem itself...it would be that...and three other franchises you know them.
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    I'm Gamer Fluttershy

    And I'm a book worm...okay no I'm not, I'm a Gamer (And a Brony). I am 18 in pony years (18 in Human Years too) and I play games. I am an obscure game reviewer on twitter, I am normally incredibly slow to anger but sometimes I get carried away as we all do from time to time.
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    Least favorite Video Game?

    For me it would have to be a tie between Super Thunder Blade and Phantasy Star 3. How about you guys?
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    Least favorite Mega Evolution?

    For me it MIGHT be either Mega Mawile because of the concept or Mega Aerodactyl because it's Spike Overkill. What do you guys think?