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    ~The Pokemon Royal Rumble 5~

    Owner: ~Shadow Espeon~ Co-Owner: hoblaph Co-Owner: Kyogre35 Co-Owner: Sinnoh Champion The Pokemon Royal Rumble starts with a collection of eight - twelve pokemon each taking orders from a separate trainer. The trainers order attacks and one of the refs ref the round with HP calculations...
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    ~The Party Game Contest 2~

    Thanks to SapphireL for cllosing the other one, and Piplup777 for telling her to close it. Because Wind never returned, I will be taking this over. This post will be neatened shorly, but for now, I will copy Wind's post. *This is a party game/reality game show* ~Rules~ This games is...
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    Favourites RMT

    I really need help on this team. My favourites tend to work well together but not perfectly. Changes will be Bolded. --------------------------- Speedy(Rapidash)@Wide Lens;078; Flash Fire 104 HP/90 Def/252 Spe/64 SpA Timid(+Spe, -Atk) -Hypnosis -Flamethrower -Hidden Power [Ice]...
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    Water Themed Team

    This is my first competitive team. Since I like the water type I decided to make a team based around it. Please rate away.You may be as harsh as you want.Changes in bold. Gyarados@Leftovers;130; Intimidate Adamant(+Atk,-Sp.Atk) 212HP/16Atk/180Def/100Spd Dragon Dance Waterfall/Ice Fang...