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    The Serebii Fanfiction Review Exchange - BETA Model

    Through an initial concept that Dragonfree has so kindly and smartly elaborated, I would like to present: The Serebii Fanfiction Review Exchange - BETA Model Managed by Dragonfree and Draco Malfoy About the Review Exchange Tired of your story's view count rising while your...
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    Under the Same Sky- PG-15||A Chaptered Story

    EDITED on 07/07/11 A/N: This fic was inspired by Lull, so Breezy, thank you. However, it is a different breed from Lull, as it will probably notice. The Pokemon Battles (the Cynthia vs "the boy"; partial "the boy" vs Susan Riche) draw stylistic influences from Lamora's Game of Champions and...
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    How to Write a Pokemon Battle

    Everyone and their grandmothers have written at least one Pokemon Battle. The proliferation of Journey fics and their ilk persuade the average writer to depict more grit and action. Unfortunately, I have witnessed a lot of poorly written battles. In fact, (formalised) battles are probably one...
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    Uno - A Deathless Prelude

    Under the Same Sky - A Deathless Prelude http://i818.photobucket.com/albums/zz103/tarnished_feathers/Resized-1.png Under the Same Sky - PG-15||Coming soon. A/N: Here's the preview to my upcoming one-shot, Under the Same Sky, starring Undella Town. Summary: A nameless hero is heralded...
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    Review Exchange

    Okay, this is an idea I stumbled upon in the Potter fandom. Basically, one way to revitalise a fanfiction forum is to set up a review exchange. A basic "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" concept. Concept: The gist is that a person who wants some more feedback would post a link to their...
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    Eragon, Cassandra Clare, and Fire-fighting Equipment

    Recently, I've encountered much animosity to certain, popular YA book series, specifically Paolini's Eragon series and Cassandra Clare's the Mortal Instruments. Much of the criticism appears to stem from the books' derivation of plots/ideas from earlier works (Star Wars is the most frequently...
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    Most Polarizing Character in Anime

    By polarizing character, I mean a character who doesn't necessarily create a lot of hate and love but rather creates a plethora of VASTLY diverging, alternative character interpretations. So not Naruto (some may love him, some may hate him, but most of us agree that he is a homoerotic airhead...
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    Gundam SEED/DESTINY Appreciation

    ...I know Gundam Wing and the older ones are the classics, but I wanted to conduct a litmus test into Gundam SEED and its more spurned offspring, DESTINY, on SPP. Personally, SEED, after Wing, is my favourite mecha series. Even more so than Evangelion; the animation was a bit crummy, but...
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    Advent of Destinies: A Bleach RPG Café Thread for Information and Discussion

    With Approval from RaZoR_LeAf The Advent of Eight Tenrai Kenkaku- Vizard | The Doctor Alba Gatillera- Arrancar | cdra1516 And Five Chosen Others… The thread for the discussion thread of Advent of Destinies. Whenever you have a question or a suggestion – not...
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    Advent of Destinies: A Bleach RPG [[Reboot]]

    Advent of Destinies: A Bleach RPG For as long as anyone can remember, there have always been three worlds. Many thought the world, the universe they lived in was the only one. They were wrong. There were three worlds, three different dimensions, so similar, so identical yet oh so...
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    Animorphs: The Parallel

    Animorphs: The Parallel My name’s Andrew Kennedy, and up until now, I believed that life outside Earth was impossible. It was just like how I used to believe to Santa Claus, really. When did I stop believing in Santa Claus, you ask? If you were to ask me when I stopped believing that...
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    Pokémorphs: The Evolution Discussion and Information Thread

    Pokémorphs: The Evolution Discussion and Information Thread Welcome to the Pokémorphs: The Evolution Discussion and Information Thread! The Café thread where you ask relevant questions and get them answered! Remember though that important information may be posted here so keep your eyes...
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    Pokémorphs: The Evolution

    Pokémorphs: The Evolution Pokémorphs: The Evolution A few years ago, a well-connected crime syndicate called Team Rocket were experimenting. In their attempts to create the perfect weapon, the perfect Pokémon they had collected Mew D.N.A. and interspliced it with human D.N.A...
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    Original Fiction: Would you ever post/publish that kinda stuff?

    Since there's that stupid thread raging on currently about "issues with fanfiction" (which I think is utterly stupid and those with half a brain didn't bother posting in or stopped after a few posts) I thought "hey, what about Original fiction? What do people think of that kinda stuff?" So...
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    Your Favorite Live-Action Sitcom?

    Title says it all. I couldn't fit all potential sitcom choices in the poll options so bare with me. XP
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    Six little chickadees

    [With Gyrados starting off...] Gyrados - [I don't know which item to put here] Adamant | Intimidate 252 Attack - 6 HP - 252 Speed Waterfall Dragon Dance Taunt Ice Fang Blissey - Leftovers Bold | Natural Cure 252 HP - 253 Defense - 6 Special Defense Aromatherapy Seismic Toss...
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    Fan-made Anime Videos: Anything you found interesting.

    Name says it all. Any fan-made videos that you find well-made and whether they are parodies of Anime OPs, or a video which gender-swapped the character's theme song. Post 'em. No couple/shipping-ish AMVs please - that's more a Shipping forums thing. And nothing crappily made that you...
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    Anime Openings and Endings?

    So what do you reckon is the most famous/reconised anime opening/ending? There are quite a few like NGE's Cruel Angel's Thesis OP or Suzumiya Haruhi's Hare Hare Yukai ED but what your oppinion? Any OP or ED that you think that everyone knows about because it's good? (Keyword here is...
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    OTAKU-esque anime, anyone?

    Lucky Star is a perfect example of an anime that is OTAKU in genre. if you can call otaku a genre by itself. It's a subtype of the comedy genre, I believe. So, any worthwhile "otaku" animes that you've heard of/watched? This includes animes with only a touch of otaku-ness to it (i.e. Suzumiya...
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    Is BLEACH better than Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    Let me let this point be clear: I like my friend because he is a great guy but because I don't want to have a really petty splat over is Bleach better or NGE, I decided to just ask you guys. With you guys like Bleach is better, I'll just accept my foolishness.I won't tell you my friend's name...