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    Who's buying a PS Vita?

    Sony has released its PS Vita, and I'm wondering who plans tobuy/has bought one. Discuss PS Vita here, and anything realted!
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    The DOTA 2 Thread

    Discuss the upcoming DOTA 2, price predictions, champions, Beta, general discussion. Oh and ANY news on release dates too. (Yay! Morphling's in it!!)
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    Change a GFWL Arkham City to Steam

    I bought Arkham City on a disk today, and within 3 hours, it's barely worked. GFWL has been having errors, and is working like absolute bull crap. Is there any way I can transfer it to run on Steam>?
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    Spiral Knights

    Spiral knights is a free Dungeon Crawler on Steam(or by itself) and is an amazing game! The graphics and art style is beautiful, the music is catchy and simply breath taking, the game play is great. You do run out of dungeon assess(Running out of energy), so you do have to buy more or wait for...
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    Donkey Kong 64

    Back in time of the N64, when gaming was at its peak, along with Mario 64, Stadium, Banjo Kazooie, Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros, was one of the best games. Ever. Donkey Kong 64. DIscuss this amaizing, title, memories, any info on Wii VC realese, anything about Donkey Kong 64, the greatest!
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    Pokemon Snap

    Anyone here remember Pokemon Snap? It was a fun game on N64. It wasn't amazing, but was pretty fun. Discuss.
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    Dawn/Hikari fan club v4 [Warning: images may be over 500 kb]

    (VampirateMace: the following was written by Dawn+Serena Fan when the club switched owners, you can find empoleon49's original post below) Welcome! This is the place where you can chat with other people who are fans of Dawn. In this club, you can chat about Dawn, share pictures of her...
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    S/G or HG/SS

    What do you prefer, the remakes(heartgold/soulsilver) or the orginals(gold/silver)? ersonally i think i prefer gold and silver right. now. But what about your opion?
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    Do you read the GTS journal?

    Not sure where to put this, but do you read the GTS journal everyday?
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    Microsoft Creative Writer

    Not realy a video game, but dose anyone rembeber microsoft creative writer from 1993? It was discontiued ages ago but there is probally a download link out there somewhere(if you know where to download please share it.) So dose anyone rembmber it? That should help you think(yes, that's...
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    Clayfighter Thread!

    Lets get it ready to cruuuuuumble! Anyone rember Clayfighter? The awesome clay-based fighter game? Well it's recently been released for DSI and WII from the shop channels. So basicaly, discuss anything Clayfighter here!
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    how do you put background music on a blog?

    well i realy need to know how to put background music on a blog so that i can put the club penguin winter feastea music on my blog. please help.
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    movie piracy

    my freind has ice age 3 and transformers 2, but they are pirated. i realy found it annoying when i slept over and watched it that what we were watching was completely illigeal. what do you think of piracy? do you wish no-one did it? i know i do!
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    faveroute places in sinnoh.

    name your faveroute lake,city,town and route here! town: sandgem town dawn lives there, it has rowans lab and is a nice place. route:route 224 or 217 just because, it is an exting place.an 217 because it is snowing and has a weird mystery. city:heathome or canalave:hearthome has...
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    dialga vs palkia

    these to asesome pokemon have alot to differ and alot in common realy who would win/ i say dialga. feel free to add pictures or banners of who you think would win if you like.
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    old chateau

    ok basically dicuss the old chateau here. i like the music it realy fits! what do you think of the music? you can also disscuss turnback cave here.
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    nintendo 64

    disscuss this asesome console and its games here i realy like clayfighter 63 and a third, donkey kong 64, banjo kazooie, super smash bros and zelda majooras mask. what games did you like did you like this console?
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    Favorite Character Poll

    so who is best in the show? for me it is dawn.