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    Need TM73 (Thunderwave)

    I have many rare items, as well as rare and uncommon Pokemon I can trade in return.
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    Need Grepa Berries

    I need to re-EV my new Cresselia, and I need nine grepa berries to do it. Berry-wise I can offer a salac berry and two starf berries. I have many items up for trade, as well as some rare and uncommon Pokemon.
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    Bayleef's grocery list

    I need a few things to make my newest team. My list of things up for offer varies, so tell me what you want and I'll see if I have it. What I need is: A female Riolu/Lucario with great IVs. TM71 (Stone Edge) TM51 (Roost) TM76 (Stealth Rock) A Razor Fang
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    u all suk. i cud own u at pokemon!!!

    RMT okay? Lucario @ Salac Berry Naughty Nature 252 Atk, 232 SpAtk, 20 Spd Endure Reversal Swords Dance Crunch/Me First? Crunch takes care of Gengar, and Reversal for everyone else. Maybe Me First for the Super Effective hit against Gengar/other Pokes after the Salac boost? Magnezone @...
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    The free shiny thread of doom!!!! (evolve my Rhydon)

    Please help me evolve my Rhydon. I'm requesting that you put up a good Pokemon as collateral so my Rhyperior isn't stolen by sweaty twelve-year-olds.
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    Need an Impish Synchronize Pokemon

    That includes Abra and its evolutions, Espeon/Umbreon, Natu/Xatu, and Ralts and its evolutions. I can give: Cresselia Swampert Infernape Mewtwo Entei Crandios Happiny Anorith Omantye And more
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    Need Protector and TM71 (Stone Edge)

    I need Protector to evolve my fifth Rhydon, and Stone Edge for Heracross. I have quite a bit up for trade. Offer, and I'll see if I have what you want.
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    Can we battle?

    I've been playing terribly today, but whatever. =(
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    Battle me!

    Level 100 mode, 6vs6, sleep clause. And of course, no ubers.
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    Pikachu Light Ball team!!! :)

    lol. So this is the team I've been using over Wi-Fi. Looking for advice on how to improve it. Gengar @ Life Orb Timid Nature 6 HP, 252 SpAtk, 252 Spd Hypnosis Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Focus Blast This guy is a total beast. He OHKOs everything, and what he can't OHKO he puts to sleep. Dugtrio...
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    Need an IV battle!

    I need to get the exact Speed IV of my Azelf, and I need you to help. When I'm done, I'll disconnect.
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    Battle NAO

    Level 100, 6vs6, no ubers. K?
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    Um, battle now, k?

    Level 100, 6vs6, no ubers please.
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    Somebody want to play a match or two?

    6vs6, level 100 mode (or 50, I don't mind), no ubers please. Who's up for it?
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    Anyone want to battle?

    6vs6, level 100 mode, no ubers preferred.
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    I need to evolve my Rhydon. Wanna help?

    I know there's a few people on this board who need to evolve Pokemon like me right now, so let's kill two birds with one stone. :)
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    Looking for a Bold Manaphy Lots of goodies inside

    I need a reliable Tryranitar counter on my team, and Celebi isn't it, so I want Manahpy to replace them. I can offer: Shiny Crobat Spiritomb Happiny Riolu Level 100 EV trained Swampert Level 100 EV trained Rhydon (needs evolving) Level 100 EV trained Celebi Phione Piplup...
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    Looking for a Protector

    My Rhyperiors keep ending up with bad abilities, so I need more Protectors. Anybody?
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    Looking for a Cresselia

    Please post Nature and stats if you have one.
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    Looking for a Bold Cresselia

    If you have one, post and tell me what you want for it.