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    Undertale Club

    * This club fills you with determination. Welcome to the club dedicated to the game that's been sweeping the internet off its feet: Undertale! Puns! Traps! Japes! Puzzles! Spaghetti! Share fan art, fan fiction, fan theories, or just general fan discussion! Please post any and all...
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    Life is Strange

    Hey! I'm totally in love with the game Life is Strange, and I thought it'd be nice to have a thread to discuss it. There will be spoilers galore. Please don't come and read here unless you have played/watched the latest episode! You have been warned, and any complaints over spoilers will be...
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    Write me a Haiku, A Poem with Five Seven, And Five Syllables

    So, if you didn't guess from the title of this game, its about writing Haiku poems! This is a lot harder than it seems ;) Rules: 1. All SPPF rules. Obviously. 2. Don't pick any inappropriate categories. 3. Don't write any inappropriate poems. 4. Write something that makes sense. (For...
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    Songs that get on your nerves

    Ever have a song that drives you crazy because it is so stupid, or has a terrible message, or just because you have a gut feeling of dislike for it? My song and complaint (contains some mature material): If you'd like to talk to me about my opinion on this song, please do it through PM or VM...
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    Have You Ever?

    So, this game is pretty simple. One user posts "Have you ever..." and then the next user replies "Yes" or "No" and comes up with the next "Have you ever..." question. An example might be User 1: Have you ever ridden in a limo? User 2: Yes. Have you ever had a pet snake? User 3: No. Have you ever...
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    Weird Little Things You Do

    What are some of your weird habits or things you do? I check behind the shower curtain whenever I go in the bathroom. I also won't sleep with a closet door open.
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    Dragon Cave Club

    Welcome to Dragon Cave Club! As you may have guessed, this club is for people who play or want to start playing Dragon Cave. What is Dragon Cave? For those of you wondering what exactly Dragon Cave is, it is a game where you gather, raise, and breed dragons, starting from little eggs and...
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    What sort of pets do you have? What do they look like? Do they do anything silly? What're their names? Does the name reference anything? How long have you had them? Post a picture of them if you want!
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    What is Your RPG of Choice and Who Are You?

    I LOVE The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! I'm a Khajiit. Here is my backstory (it changes sometimes):
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    Signature Pictures?

    How do I add a picture to my signature? I got the gifs from here: . I copied and pasted the thing it gave into my signature, but how do I add a picture from my iPad? I made a trainer card and I sort of wanted that in it. (To make more room I'm removing my list of shinies) Any help is...
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    Favorite Video Game Glitches

    *WARNING* THIS IS NOT A VIDEO GAME HACK THREAD!!! I'm not looking for stories of using cheat codes or popular exploits, like hiding your money in Skyrim for free houses or pressing a series of buttons for different weapons/characters/cars in GTA. This is purely a GLITCH story forum. *WARNING*...
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    Yet Another Newbie Thread

    /l\8/l\ Hi! I'm A_wild_CHARIZARD! ;006; You may recognize my username from Pretend You're Xyzzy (though probably not). Anyway, what to say? I guess I can talk about my favorite things (did I get that song stuck in your head? No? Darn...) I love shiny hunting. There is such a distinct feeling...