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    Frozen Waters

    Welcome to Icy Aqua land which is, Frozen Waters. 1. Follow all SPPf and Clan rules. Duh, everyone would want to follow them but just in case... 2. No Trolling/Spamming/Flamming. Seriously!? No one likes these kind of people. 3. No bullying! Do I even have to explain this? 4. Don't...
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    I'm Just Gonna Say Hi.

    So, like what the title says, Hi. I wasn't planning on making a newbie thread, but oh well. Here's a few things about me: -My UN is ShadowSnivy. (Duh! Everyone can call me Shadow). -My fav Pokemon is Snivy. -I'm Female. -12 Years old the last time I checked. -I make Digital Art...