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    How many more can they make

    With the recent gen 5 additions we're up to a total of 500 Pokemon. When we first started we thought 151 was freaking incredible, and im pretty sure that most of us thought that'd probably be it. But to think we now have 500, and will probably passs the 600 mark, is just mind boggling. So...
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    Ash's voice

    O for the love of God, Zues, and Arceus it is just so shrill and awful. it makes me want to bang myself in the head with a hammer, and the laugh, oh for the love the holy hand grenade. If just for once could his voice me...male. thaughts?!
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    Team Rocket and Ash

    Has either Jesse, James, or Meowth ever said any of the main characters name. By now you'd think they'd call him something other then twerp or, that kid with pikachu. Thoughts?
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    Can japanese games be translated to english(question mark x3)

    u no... jst sorta wondering and no i had no idea where to put this...
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    most embarrasing "party" moment...*sigh*

    basically just tell wat the title tells u to tell(the letter ''t" is amazing), and respond to others. Well i finaly managed to come up with some courage so here it gos. Some kid took the liberty to find out evry kid that was going to be in his class this year so he could throw a sleepover...
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    Pokemon determine evrythng?!

    hav u noticed how pokemon battles determine evrythng. Thnk about it. evrytime u battle team rocket, magma, aqua, and galactic if u beat the leader they leave...i mean theyre grown ups and ur a kid y cant they jst stay there and continue wat they r doing.
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    wat shinies should be different?

    By the title u can tell wat this forum is about(duh). IMO I thnk espeon should hav a different colored shiny...green...realy...wtf. I thnk it should be like like a lighter shade of the original or carry over the silver from eevee...but idk Wat pokemon do u thnk should be different???
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    arceus 3000 arms???

    i went to the canalalve library beacause i was bored and i read that there was once once a time of mass chaos, and in the middle of the chaos there was an egg(arceus)...the egg created two creatures one controlled time, the other space. This got me thnking, in one of the arceus pokedex...
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    The hat turn?!

    Do you thnk they should make ash turn his hat again...i do. that was my child hood. i would always ware a hat, and when faced with an obstacle turn it around. Wat do you thnk???
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    this forum...its...its a thng

    how do you change that little picture under ur userename???
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    My flippin team

    Infernape(Chimpy)-Flamethrower, Blastburn, Close Combat, Brick Break Espeon(Espy)-Pyschic, Zen Headbutt, Shadow Ball, Psybeam Blastoise(Toytle)Surf, Waterfall, Aquatail, Hrydro Canon(M33 L4Z44H) Tyranitar(Tanky)Crunch, Dark Pulse, Rock slide, Surf Ursaring(Teddy)-Strength, Slash...
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    how much is new super mario bros worth at gamestop?

    i wnt to return it so i can hav money towards buying emerald...
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    why is emerald version still 30$

    i went to gamestop the other day to get a DSi and when i looked at the gameboi games it said EMERALD VERSION $29.99. Does anyone think that is to much for a game that came out in 2005...
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    i need help with pokeradar!!!!

    i tried to catch swellow for about 15 minutes using pokeradar(i was in the right route) and all i got with buizel, chatot, wingull, and arceus^_^...but no swellow...can someone help me out here on how to work the radar...or just trade me a swellow...