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  1. Phsy-Spark

    Devil May Cry series

    Welp, 4SE is out now, so I'd thought I'd start a thread. Want to read about the game, and watch an amazing launch trailer? Here's the site! Want to listen to the song in the trailer? Here's a "Make Me" lyric video! Want to download the song in the trailer? It's on Google Play...
  2. Phsy-Spark

    Little Videogame Things you Like.

    Welp, in DMC4, when you get the Speed upgrade for Nero Get it near the start. They walk/I'm going to call it jog really slowly. and you taunt while running, he will do the double-foot kick he does against Dante in the opening. Pretty cool. I hit the dice in The Successor with it.
  3. Phsy-Spark

    Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Next Hardware - SOURCE ALL NEWS/RUMORS

    This isn't a joke, actually been announced by Nintendo. The NX might be the succesor to the Wii U, more details later in the year (Probably some at E3.)
  4. Phsy-Spark

    What If you Were in an Arranged Marriage With the Above Picture? V.2

    So... Remember this game? If you don't here's how to play: You simply post a picture of someone from an Anime/Video Game/Movie I guess and the next poster has to say if they want to be in an arranged marriage!. Here's an example: See how SIMPLE it was? Anyways, you know the rules, so...
  5. Phsy-Spark

    Things You Are Looking Forward To.

    We all have things in the future that we look forward too, small or big. I'm desperately looking forward to the Christmas assembly that we have on the last day before winter break. The Leadership Club that we have at our school said that they might do a Minion skit. My whole B block was...
  6. Phsy-Spark

    Your Favourite Video Game Moment

    Uh... Well. Use spoiler tags if you don't want to spoil/it's a newer game that you don't want to spoil (Eg: Hyrule Warriors), and it can be funny. Yay for boring intro. I really liked the part in Golden Sun: The Lost Age when you leave Lemuria for the first time. Sheba: "Umm... Piers?"...
  7. Phsy-Spark

    The Last Two Games You Played MERGE

    Another pretty simple game from me, but more simpler than my last one. You just think of what the last two games would be like if they merged. Like so: Sonic Colors+Pokemon Red. CATCH ALL THE HEDGEHOGS! SEE? Simpler, way more than my last game. All SPPf rules apply, have fun...
  8. Phsy-Spark

    1000 Things You Do in Walmart When Your Bored.

    1000 Things You Do in Walmart When Your Bored. (MORE RULES!) Hello/bonjour and welcome/bienvenue to this amazing game that I use to help with Creativity Blocks. No seriously. EXAMPLES OF HOW TO PLAY! ... and so on. Now, when they are on 1000, this happens: Fairly simple, but it's a...
  9. Phsy-Spark

    The Golden Sun Thread!

    Wow. No one has made one of these yet? Anyways, welcome to the Golden Sun thread, where discussions about anything in Golden Sun games are welcome. (but you knew that already.) ALL SPPF RULES APPLY. Just to get things started.. Anyone have any tips for fighting Briggs?
  10. Phsy-Spark

    Pokemon Adventures: New Threat

    This on Fanfiction.net (Because I don't know about the PG crap -_-') would be K+ or T. Some Language. And blood... AND I'M USING THE DEX-HOLDERS UP TO X AND Y YA XD Prologue The midnight sky seemed to roar alive with the powerful noise of a jet plane. Multiple robots of the Ice, Fire, and...
  11. Phsy-Spark

    Nintendo GameCube Opinoins

    NINTENDO'S BEST CONSLE! In my opinion.Manly because it was the first system I ever owned. So I just deiced to do this because it has alot of great games and I think it's just plain cool. You can also post games too. I mean there where awesome games for it (from Super Mario Sunshine to about...
  12. Phsy-Spark

    Hello -u-'...... Question also.....

    Hello....... I'm sorta new here (long story). So, I also have a question. I did fanfics on my Colors! acount and it's kinda hard without italics. So, I'm wondering, where would Pokemon Crossovers go? I want to do a Crossover and I don't know where to put it.... Thanks for whoever awnsers.....
  13. Phsy-Spark

    Random Shippings In Random Order

    Whoamg. I just thought how mutch funny shipping stories I can make (Me has comidy) and a few serious ones (And one scary one for GlitchyRedShipping. I mean c'mon! A name like that inspires me....) Now for the first (Random) Ship! GlitchShipping (MissingNo.x'M) Hue hue hue...
  14. Phsy-Spark

    Quarter Moon

    This is a fanfic idea I had after my nightmareish night. I'll post the chapters a bit after I post them on Colors!. I have the prolouge done though.