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    A Soul's Sketchbook

    This will be the thread where I post my sketchbooks drawings and/or my comic book pages. Let's go *puts on sunglasses* That's it for now. I'm sorry for the bad quality/some pictures being upside down and sideways, my scanner is...
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    Trying To Come Back

    I want to own a shop again, but I'm usually just to lazy to do some of the stuff. So, to help me with my laziness I've decided to sprite a little more. This is where I'll dump them. Franky from One Piece, my favorite manga. I used this picture to help me with the pose. I took the colors from...
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    Favorite TV Channel?

    What's your favorite TV Channel? My favorite is Cartoon Network because it has most of my favorite shows on it. Adventure Time, Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, Pokemon, Johnny Test, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Generator Rex, ect.
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    Gear Second Sprite Thread

    I've been so patchy with spriting lately, so just about an hour ago I wanted to "speed sprite" a few Straw Hat Pirates from the Manga/Anime series One Piece. So, I found a resource with sprites of them, and I edited them to how they look after the recent time skip.. The links on their names...
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    Ninjas, Pirates, Robots, or Cowboys?

    Like the title says, which one do you prefer? Either Ninjas or Pirates, but I'm going to go with Pirates.
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    The Challenge: Pokémon

    The Challenge: Pokémon The Challenge: Pokémon ;453; - Welcome the The Challenge: Pokémon, I'm your host, Josh. This game is based off the MTV series, The Challenge. In this game there will be 5 boys and 5 girls making up a total of 10 participants. The Challenges - ;453; - Each day, there...
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    Falling Asleep.

    How do you fall asleep if you have trouble going to sleep? Usually, I close my eyes and begin to create a story or think about whatever is on my mind. I will eventually, pretty soon, drift to sleep. Or, if I'm having a lot of trouble I'll wiggle my foot for as long as I can, then when I can't...
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    Croagunk's Pixel Shop

    Croagunk's Pixel Shop. Rules 1. All SPPf Rules Apply. 2. Follow the forms, correctly. 3. 3 people at a time and 3 requests per post. 4. Be patient. 5. Be kind to me and everyone else. 6. If something isn't on the list, just ask nicely if I can do it. 7. You must give credit. Break a rule...
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    Grovyl's Back, back again.

    I haven't been able to sprite in quite awhile, but I was on DA and found this user that had awesome sprites, and it brought some motivation to me. So, I made a sprite of my favorite character of a movie I recently watched. My first sprite in a while, Francesco! The shading is a bit off in some...
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    Through the Wormhole

    Has anyone seen this? Absolutely fascinating, and now I have no clue as to what to think about the universe. Every time I watch it, it gets me thinking. I've always wanted to be an astronomer so maybe that's why I like it so much, and because they put everything so I can understand it. They...
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    Knock, Knock..

    Knock, Knock Who's There.. Instruction: First Person starts it off with a simple "Knock, Knock. Who's there?" The next person then says who is there, it doesn't necessarily have to be you of coarse. The next person then finishes the joke, with "*What the previous person said* who...
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    Rate the Theory!

    Just thought of this because I was bored, and that's what I do when I'm bored. Think. Rate The Theory! and other such things. Anyways, let us get to the game and rules. The rules. All SPPf rules apply. You have to state a rating and reason, theory, and theory topic. Rating on a scale of 1 -...
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    Amusement Parks

    What's your favorite amusement/water park? My all-time favorite is Shlitterbahn in New Braunfels. I've been going there every year since I was 2.
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    So, what age should cursing be alright. And, at what times is it okay?
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    Adventure Time or Regular Show?

    Adventure Time or Regular Show and why? I see there are a lot of these fans, and I feel most of them are rooting for Regular Show. I wanted to know for sure. I'm going for Adventure Time. Regular Show is funny and all, but I think the story to each episode is always the same. The do something...
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    Digital Drawing.

    Digital Drawings First off let me get these things through. 1.) I just recently started using my tablet. 2.) I have no idea how to color decently. Okay, let me post my drawings now. Adventure Time Style: Me, Marshal, Fighting a bee, I would appreciate some help on coloring, maybe...
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    Your D/P/Pt Team

    I didn't see a thread on it, but if there is already one that hasn't died then, sorry. This isn't a rate team or anything it's just if you need suggestions or want to show off your team. Anyways, here's mine for Platinum. My Nickname Theme: Ben 10 Aliens. Infernape(Heatblast) - Lvl 47...
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    ****?! The guessing game. Okay, this game consist of guessing! I know, you never guessed that was coming. Rules: 1) SPPf game rules. Follow them. 2) Follow the example. 3) You're allowed to give a hint. Example: You can reply to the people who guessed yours. Let's start, I bet...
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    Game Sprites

    Do you think the game's sprites will improve anymore? I looked at the improvement of sprites through the games and I see a decent improvement in each of them, except for Gen IV to Gen V. I feel they just hit a dead end and will slowly improve.
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    Awesome Scale

    So pretty simple. Explanation: And so on... The rules are: 1.) All SPPf rules apply. 2.) Only Pokémon can be measured on the Awesome Scale. Every Pokémon is allowed Wooo, okay I'll start Croagunk.