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    Your Favourite Wurmple is Back!

    Well, maybe not your favourite. But I am back ;) I'm not sure if you remember me, as I left a while back, due to a loss of interest in Pokemon, as well as having to keep up with all that homework that high school gives you. After a year, I started to get bored, and so I tried joining various...
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    Final Fantasy Cartidge Colour? Need Quickly!

    Does anyone here own a legitimate Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA cartridge? If so, can you please tell me what colour the cartridge is. There's one on eBay and it has a black cartridge. It comes with the instructions, box and all. Can anyone tell me if it's fake? Thanks in advance, ~TMW...
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    Okay, I'm stuck.

    Can anyone tell me how to get into Silver Trench? I've befriended the three legendary birds. I've cleared both Pitfall Valley and Stormy Sea. I talked to Alakazam and he says something about the great rescuer Lucario. Do I have to clear Pitfall Valley and Stormy Sea again? I've completed them...
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    Power Trick?

    How good would Power Trick on a Shuckle be? If it used it, it could have over 600 attack? Would it be of any use? Or would it's speed make it not worthwhile? Yeah, it would have a lower defense than Blissey, but over 600 attack? So yeah, my question is; Would Power Trick be any good on a Shuckle?
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    My Leaf Green team. Rate people. Major owning team here =O

    Uhh, yeah, here's my thread. Couldn't think of a title =D Okay, so it may not be and owning team, but it gets sort of close. I have access to Emerald for Move Tutors, and all TM's. All are Level 100. Blastoise@Leftovers Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk) Trait: Torrent - Surf - Ice Beam - Toxic...
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    Gardevoir Help.

    For the Battle Frontier I am using a Gardevoir, but I am not sure whether to use Fire Punch or Ice Punch. I don't plan on using Will-O-Wisp either. My Gardevoir at the moment: Gardevoir@Leftovers Timid nature Trait: Synchronize - Psychic - Calm Mind - Thunderbolt - Ice Punch/Fire Punch...
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    *Inser Creative In-Game Battle Fronteir Title here*

    Yep. Here's my team. BTW I have Emerald. Metagross@Choice Band Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SAtk) Trait: Clear Body - Meteor Mash - Earthquake - Rock Slide - Explosion My main destroyer. Pretty happy with him as I usually don't have to switch him out, and he is hardly ever KO'ed, leaving my other...
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    Post Your Worst Natures!

    Does anyone have a funny nature that they have had on a Pokemon? Like a Loudred with a Quiet nature or a Gyarados with a Calm nature? Also post natures that you have gotten on Pokemon that don't suit their stats/moveset eg. a Heracross with a Modest nature. I have had a Heracross with a Modest...
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    I Need Another Member for my Team.

    This team is for Pokemon Emerald. I do have Leaf Green though, so I can trade and stuff. I need a Mixed Sweeper/Wall of some sort but I have no idea on what Pokemon I shall use. I was thinking Charizard but I still need to get an Earthquake TM if I am going to use Earthquake. This was what I...
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    Look here! A team!

    Now that I got your attention, I'll post my team =O I don't do EV's and I can't get the rare berries. Herecross@Shell Bell (item clause and gains heaps of HP when he strikes) Brave nature -Brick Break -Mega Horn -Rock Slide -Sword's Dance Metagross@Leftovers (I can't get Choice Band yet, I...
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    Pokemon Trading Card Game (GB)

    If anyone here has one of the Trading Card games, you can reply here with your recent happening, your deck, or whatever you want, as long as it has to do with the TCG for Gameboy, not the actual cards. Anyway, I just restarted the game 3 hours ago and I have 4 medals, Science, Fire, Water and...
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    UU team.

    I'm thinking about using a UU team and here is what I've planned. Hypno@Leftovers Modest Calm Mind Ice Punch Thunder Punch Psychic Venomoth@??? Naughty? Psychic Silver Wind ??? ??? (Don't have Aerial Ace or Sludge Bomb...) Thinking about replacing...Ursaring? Crawdaunt@Leftovers Lonely...
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    My Battle Fronteir team!

    This is my BF team. Rate and/ or fix please! ^_^ note: I don't EV train. Sceptile@ Leftovers Nature: Lax Leaf Blade Brick Break (Dragon Claw?) Return Hidden Power fire (must change!) Salamence@ Smoke Ball (for Battle Pike) Nature: Serious Earthquake Rock Slide Dragon Dance Aerial Ace...
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    Futurama Fan Club V.2

    Okay, this club is for all the Futurama fans out there to talk about Futurama(episode's you liked and such) and is Approved By PsiUmbreon! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RULES: no bashing/flaming/spamming. respect everyone. post regularly. don't swear. All the SPPF rules apply here too. MOST IMPORTANT...
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    Fire Red Team raters welcome!(INGAME!)

    This team is for ingame so only post ingame movesets! I don't EV train either. My team consists of Charizard@Charcoal(Couldn't think of anything else) Nature: Docile Trait:Blaze -Flamethrower -Dragon Claw -EQ -Aerial Ace Dewgong@Chesto Berry Nature: Lax Trait:Thick Fat -Surf -Signal Beam...
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    Firered help ahoy!

    My team consists of Blissey Trait-Serene Grace Nature-Modest EV's at the moment-126 HP/72 Sp.Def/56 Sp.Atk Ice Beam Seismic Toss Counter Softboiled Blastoise Trait-Torrent Nature-Calm EV's at the moment-126 Def/126 Sp.Def/56 HP Surf Body Slam Toxic Ice Beam Nidoking Trait-Poison Point...
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    Emerald Fronteir Team!

    Okay.. I dont have good TM's like Shadow Ball, EQ, Dragon Claw, Brick Break,Sludge Bomb, AA and I don't have time for HP and I cant level them up to more than Lv50. Gardevoir@Smoke Ball(Pike) Psychic Calm Mind T-bolt HP-Ghost :P Swampert@Leftovers Surf Rockslide Mudshot Ice beam Aggron@Kings...
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    ~Emerald Team~

    Please note Im up at Fortree City so I dont have Leftovers yet. Dont suggest TM moves that I can only get on of to them.Dont say more than one of them! Marshtomp Lv 33@Soft Sand Bold(not too good fer him but I dont have ditto yet) Surf Mud Shot Ice Beam Facade Lairon Lv35@Lax Incense Timid...
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    Skarmy help!

    What should I have? Skarmory@Leftovers Whirlwind Spikes Aerial Ace Steel Wing or Skarmory@lefties Drill peck Steel Wing Spikes Fly Any comments will be appreciated!
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    Another Japanese thing?

    If you have a look at the cluster of trees between steven and the guys house that tells you what pokeblok you pokemon likes in Mossdeep there is some light that you can just see. Any Ideas of what it is?