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  1. TechYes

    Shiny Trades

    Charizard Pidgey Rattata Spearow Pikachu Vulpix Ninetials (LV. 100 best hp, sp attack, defense and speed, very good sp. defense and good attack, Maxed candies) Jigglypuff Chancey Ditto Magnemite Dratini DM me if you need version exclusives, touch trades, evolutions or whatnot.
  2. TechYes

    #151 Mew Trade Thread

    Mew cannot be traded. Whoops Guess it's been confirmed.
  3. TechYes

    Considering my Options... [Open question for all]

    I've got this save file with over 200 hours on SoulSilver. As soon as I get a transfer done, I will be restarting the file. Currently, with all of the stuff on there, the 3 legendary birds have not been seen/captured yet. I am now soft resetting to try to get a shiny articuno - But I'm...
  4. TechYes

    Fullmetal Alchemist [and Brotherhood]

    My all-time favorite anime series. One of the few I actually got in to. The original series was amazing, and brotherhood is also amazing. It's hard to decide which I like better, but the storyline and use of homunculus in Brotherhood was pretty cool, and the ends are very different, as well...