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Search results

  1. Shyo Dead

    LF Zeraora

    need Zeraora to complete living dex
  2. Shyo Dead

    LF Zeraora

    im looking for a Zeraora and also a shiny bulu and lele if anyone has one for trade ^^ please send me a message
  3. Shyo Dead

    LF: Zeraora, Shiny Bulu, Shiny Lele tons for trade

    FT: all in sig, arceus old school rare event, movie victini, time travel ash's greninja tell me what youre looking for im sure I have something ^^
  4. Shyo Dead

    LF: Zeraora Lots for Trade

    I need a Zeraora , have lots for trade in sig
  5. Shyo Dead

    Celestial Map (Pokemon)

    Pokemon does infact have a celestial map just like in other notable games. Elder Scrolls, etc etc cant think of the others atm its kinda like a mini-game inside the very complex game of pokemon making it even more complex than you may have thought just like when you first started the game so...
  6. Shyo Dead

    Time Travel and Pokemon

    It appears I have looted some time travel in pokemon. (this was achieved with Ash's Greninja on Pokemon Moon, Outstanding Potential, Water Shuriken) the strategy to do such a thing is simple (you may have already been doing this strategy) you must defeat as many trainers as you can...
  7. Shyo Dead

    Hello I need HALP changing something on my profile

    how do I change where it says "Golden Leaf" on my profile underneath my name? I changed it once but cant figure out how to change it again any halp is appreciated