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  1. unrepentantAuthor

    Dispatch Deferred [One-shot, Everyone, PMD]

    Hi there, this is my cute short story originally written for the Bulbagarden Summer 2019 Oneshot comp about an expedited same-century amazon delivery, I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Content: homebrew PMD setting, multiple OC viewpoints, 6,200 words. Extremely mild swearing, light fantasy...
  2. unrepentantAuthor

    The Magic Colour Wheel and You

    Hi there, I'm unrepentantAuthor, and I'm obsessed with the Magic: the Gathering colour wheel. I will now explain the colour wheel, and how you can use it as a writing tool. Summary: The important thing to note here is that the game's primary mechanic is that any spell played must be paid for...
  3. unrepentantAuthor

    uA's Nice and Concise Reviewing Tutorial

    So this morning on Discord, @canisaries asked me this question: I felt inspired in that moment, so I decided to answer with a brief guide to reviewing stories. I hope that some people find it helpful! If I get to a critical mass of appreciation, reader contributions, and suchlike, I'll expand...
  4. unrepentantAuthor

    Different Eyes

    Different Eyes 1996, Kanto: a clone of Mew is created and named "Mewtwo". Its imperfect genetic code is completed using human DNA. 2020, Galar: pokémon are going missing, explorers are driven out of the wilds, and a green tech company is hiring experts in gene-splicing. A story about...
  5. unrepentantAuthor

    Never Our Equals: On Pokémorph Fanfiction

    Never Our Equals: On Pokémorph Fanfiction As is fairly evident from my signature, I write works featuring pokémorphs. I find the concept fascinating; reconciling the human and pokémon elements of morph characters gives a unique opportunity to explore such themes as what it means to be human...
  6. unrepentantAuthor

    uA's "Different Eyes" 2012 Edition (Final Update: ch. 5)

    Final update: Chapter Five, 2018/05/29. Hi there. I wrote this fic about pokémorphs a long time ago. People liked it pretty well, and it even won some awards on another forum (to my great surprise!) I'm writing a new version now, (from scratch!) and I think it's much much better, but maybe some...
  7. unrepentantAuthor


    Evening all. I hail from Fair Blighty in the real world - that is to say, the UK - and Hoenn in the pokémon world (I entered the fandom with the advent of the third gen, more or less), not that it's awfully consequential. I'm really very introverted and I'm not likely to become a...