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    Pokéwalker Research & Discussion Thread

    um i lost my pokewalker after i got the game, am i missing out on anything
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    The Irish SPPF member club v.3!

    you know crosta means cross right? and remember in irish the structure is verb+person+place
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    What games do u have?

    i got diamond but traded it in for guitar hero
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    The Irish SPPF member club v.3!

    chriost mo clúba!
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    Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

    Might get platinum and the DSi together
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    Couldn't Jetix have learnt from Cartoon Networks mistakes?

    i wish dp was on cartoon network again
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    The Sims Club

    Can I join?
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    The "What If?" Thread

    What if Dawn got pregnant? Her Mom would be like Who the daddy?
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    Hey Lads

    I was wondering if anyone would know of any free guitar leasons on the internet and as far I know i'm not breaking any rules
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    Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft

    One of the greatest men in tecnolegy
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    It's a God damn feel-good convention itt!

    Josh you look cool
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    Worst Pokemon in the world

    Quagsire I just hate them so much
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    What IS the meaning of life?

    Thats easy its Waz up ,everyone knows thats the meaning of life
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    What is the most annoying thing in D/P

    I think the gym leader puzzles are too easy i love the hard edit rank up
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    Rants about school

    my teacher hates me just cos I put a suder fart bomb in her purse you know the ones that explode and blue goo goes everywhere along with a pugent smell
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    Teen decides to kill Jesus, no I'm not kidding...

    First off it was dumb enough commiting suicide cos hell go to hell Second Jesus Wouldn't take any harm from him probaly cos hes almighty
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    Official Anime Picture Caption Thread

    Weight Watchers!
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    Third D/P Game

    The only reason they made suicune the cystal mascot is because ho-oh and lugia were a duo not a trio unlike Dialga Palkia and Giratina