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    Hey Lads

    I was wondering if anyone would know of any free guitar leasons on the internet and as far I know i'm not breaking any rules
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    EU D/P anime

    When would ya say we would be gettin it? I'd say around July 27th
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    Offical EU D/P Discusion

    Here we can talk about D/P in the EU oh and If you pre-order at GAME you get a D/P Stylus
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    The Irish SPPF member club v.2!

    This is the Irish SPPF member club v.2 Shn_12 gave me ownership There is no freaking version 3 of this club I have been on SPPF a while, and enjoy the discussion that goes around. Wouldn't it be grand if you knew what country you were talking to? Your own? RULES * Irish people...
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    Md2 boxart and movie ten pics ansd movie tren storyline

    Look here http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/ and look here for the storyline http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page
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    Pokemon Height and Weight

    I heard that you can edit your own Height and Weight on d/p or is it only on the JP version
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    Why isn't there a list for natures of all pkmn?

    Why is there not one , I mean everytime I try to find the best nature for my pokemon I have to ask and wait like 50 mins in the 3rd gen disscusion
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    The best natures

    for the following pokemon: Charizard Electabuzz Sceptile Swampert Scizor and Salamence
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    Are pokemon fans more

    Male or Female?
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    I traded someone a charmander egg anmd it hachted into a shiny
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    Asarath365 Pokecard shop!!!

    I can put any pokemon into yu-gi-oh card form here an example
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    How ya lads!

    When I was a newbie I forgot to say hi !
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    Cloyster turns from Black to purple!!!

    I just noticed that Cloyster turns from Black to purple!!! I mean it's head is based on a cannon ball now it's freaken purple!
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    What pokemon can you get in swarms?

    I looked on the main site but nothing was there
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    Is it ok to use gs to get Lunatone on EmeralD

    Using Gs or Ac and were can I get one?
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    Is it ok to use gs to get Lunatone on Emerald

    It's the only one I need to complete the hoenn dex
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    Where can I find a dragon scale on six island?

    Where is it on six island
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    Whats up with the lighthouse in slateport?

    Your man says something about it
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    How do u SOFT reset?

    How do u do it?