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    Favorite Pokemon of The XY Cast

    Seeing as Team Rocket are XY cast... Jessie's Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist. Also Diantha's Gardevoir. From your list, Serena's Braixen.
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    Season 20's Title

    Pokemon the series: Sun and Moon Adventures in Alola Alola Trial Islands Team Skull's Alola Conquest Likely the first two. Dub is predictable, no matter the season. Will the theme songs be tropical though?
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    Season 9: Battle frontier.

    The change wasn't that bad. It's been a long time. The actors grew with their characters. Wonder how long it will take for this thread to be locked...
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    How Would You Like To See Team Rocket Develop In The Future?

    I miss the pre-BW Team Rocket, but I've kind of fallen for the Kalos TRio. They're fun but I wish they could win a bit more with their Pokemon. Gourgeist can be pretty badass. I love how powerful Wobbuffet's Counter attack is when they really need it. Jessilina was better than Jessilee, but I...
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    Team Rocket's Best Pokemon?

    Wobbuffet <3
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    Volcanion & The Mechanical Marvel (19)

    So... did Team Rocket do anything in this movie or is it as usual? lol.
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    I wish team rocket catches Pikachu to give to Giovanni already!

    It's genius, really, for them. Just tell your boss you need to travel around the world for some kid's yellow rat. Need funding for your balloons and mecha? Tell your boss you'll at least bring back valuable data/information on new Pokemon. I'm surprised Giovanni wasn't more interested in mega...
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    Battling at Full Volume! (918)

    Loved this episode both times I watched it. I wish we had seen Jimmy's battle with real Ash, but Serena is really good at battling. Love Jimmy and his headbanging Pikachu. Loved Team Rocket's appearance and seeing Giovanni, even if it was a dream :) That motto was shaky but it was in the sub...
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    Sep 8th: XY&Z041 - Attack on Lumiose Gym! The Citroid Forever!!

    My prediction is, Evil Malamar come back, Officer Jenny comes back, TRio and Ash-co fight evil Malamar, James' Inkay evolves and we get an emotional leave. But that would leave him without a Pokemon for the end of XYZ so maybe not.
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    A Keeper for Keeps? (917)

    ^As I expected them to. That bit was too weird for the target audience and me as well. team Rocket song was left in. James loves his squid. Lillia's voice is familiar.
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    Performing a Pathway to the Future! (916)

    Hey, I'm allowed to dream, right? Of course Jessie was never going to win, same with Contests, but it was fun to watch her develop. Instead of tossing off her dress, she ended her Performance run with class and a free meal... Possibly some bruises. I bet Serena calls Palermo, at the end of XYZ...
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    Performing a Pathway to the Future! (916)

    I feel like there was a small bit cut when Serena hurts her wrist, but I may be wrong. Either way we knew she injured it. Jessie should have won. Aria had a fantastic performance. Serena screaming at Miette... Made me laugh. Lol that last scene with Team Rocket was adorable.
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    which main character's pokemon is your favourite

    Love me some Wobbuffet. Piplup was sassy and Psyduck was adorable.
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    Master Class is in Session! (915)

    Jessie was adorable in this episode and should have won. I still feel contests were better handled.
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    Master Class Choices! (912)

    This just aired dubbed. Great episode, despite a lack of Jessilee. Amelia was enough diva for this episode with her shiny Dragonair. Solid performance by Serena. Holy crap did Palermo go full Miranda Priestly in the dub. At the end of the episode she sounded very Meryl Streep. Loved it.
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    How do you watch the Pokémon anime?

    I watch them raw when they air, then again when they air on CN dubbed, if I don't sleep through the 7am timeslot. Geez. I've seen every episode and film. I pretty much watch for Team Rocket. If they left the show I would stop watching.
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    A Watershed Moment! (911)

    This aired this morning in the US. Again I was impressed by the dub. They even kept the Team Rocket theme in the background again. Did anyone else get Wall-E vibes from this episode?
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    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) Discussion Thread

    I miss Misty so much. This is still one of my main ships, along with Rocketshipping. The dub pushed it beautifully :3 Is anyone in this thread from the old AAML forum/chat from like 2000-2001? I was active there and would like to find other alumni. I went by JessiesClone.
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    Rocketshipping General Discussion 2.0

    I've been a huge Rocketshipper since I was 12... I own the manga where they get married... My Tumblr is pretty much dedicated to my ship and Team Rocket. I, however, am not a fan of when authors... Finish a canon ship, if you will... Like Peeta and Katniss having babies and living happily ever...
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    Favourite 'Team Rocket Wins' moment

    It could take me an hour to summarize all of my favorite Team Rocket wins moments... Love my TRio. Jessie's contests and her near-win in XY... Jessie using Ash's Aipom and beating Dawn... James dressing as Jessie and getting a ribbon for her... When that princess gave Jessie her ribbon...