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    What pokemon would the person above you be if they were one?

    You'd be an Arcanine.
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    The Strangest Pokémon Sprite, that looks stranger than it does today.

    Machop was super weird too. The thing that frustrated me was that they only had a few different overworld sprites. So I'd have a zubat and a drowzee and they both look exactly like a rhydon.
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    The Strangest Pokémon Sprite, that looks stranger than it does today.

    Pidgey's sprite is frickin' scary. Those eyes.... You know which sprite I think they did a fantastic job on though? Meowth. Meowth's was great.
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    What starter pokemon did you get?

    I picked squirtle my first time playing it and Charmander my second time :D Bulbasaur is the easiest to start with and Charmander is the hardest, because of the first few gyms.
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    Did you ever make a good mistake?

    You know it's weird, my Pokemon handbook says Charizard's flamethrower can melt mountains, and then they go ahead and make it weak against rock.
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    Move failed mechanic?

    That used to confuse me too. Whenever it would say 'It didn't affect enemy ...' I would wonder why it worked before and not now. It's really just the move missing. Sometimes, though, when you try to, say, poison a sleeping pokemon, then it will tell you it failed because you can't have multiple...
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    The Crystalline Guard

    Hey Magicmonkey, In your signature, amethyst is Kanto, right? I don't think Scizor is a kanto pokemon. Unless I'm very confused.
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    Mewtwo Strikes Back! (M01)

    This is probably the best Pokemon movie. The dub made it much worse, but the movie is just... simply fantastic. Plus, it holds so many memories for so many of us. It makes me think of my childhood, And it reminds us all of the classic original Pokemon you just gotta love.
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    The Crystalline Guard

    Question. About the clan, is there someone I should ask for information or something, or should I just sit around and wait for some news? I just applied recently, should I just assume that I'm in the division I wanted, or is someone gonna figure that out?
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    Serebii.net's Banner Archive

    Wow... Really loving the star wars one. Mystery dungeon one is great too
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    Welcome Newcomers ;D

    I'm an old school player too... Red and blue are my favorite games. Well, welcome to serebii!
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    You like roblox, eh? I used to play that... then it got stupid...mostly because of the 3.0 bodies.

    You like roblox, eh? I used to play that... then it got stupid...mostly because of the 3.0 bodies.
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    Which GEN1 to play first!?!

    Play red or blue first definately, and then green, and if you have yellow too, you should play yellow last.
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    I'm new... I don't understand.

    So a league is basically a regular... league. with gyms and badges and elite four and such.
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    I'm new... I don't understand.

    I have pokemon online and it's completely confusing... I use 1st gen because they make everything else confusing :/
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    When is it over..

    Well, I think that when you defeat the elite four and the champion, then you can say that you beat the game. However I don't think you're done with the game until you have had all of the Pokemon and they are all at level 100. For me, though, I have no one to trade with so I will be missing quite...
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    Please rate my pokemon mystery dungeon Team

    Hi, This isn't really the section to post this, try in the Other Pokemon Games>Mystery Dungeon Discussion :D
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    The worst shiny I know of is nidoqueen.
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    The Crystalline Guard

    Ok, so umm... I'm fairly new to serebii and I've never been in a clan before, but I would really like to join this one. Is there someone I should talk to or something? Or should I just post my application here? Oh no, now I'm making this too awkward. Anyways. Here's the thingie... Forum Name...
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    I'm new... I don't understand.

    Ok, thanks guys! everything makes a lot more sense now.