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  1. Z

    The Walk to Revenge

    Hi, it’s me Zbger! Today, I’m gonna make a fanfiction on a person who is out to enact revenge to the author for placing him as the villain. (which, ironically, is the hero here) Special thanks to Missigno. Master for the idea! (also sorry Missgino. Master if it sounded like your fanfic. )...
  2. Z

    Life as a Pokemon Breeder

    HI ITS ME AGAIN YAY!!!!!!!!!!! ok back to business. Hi, I'm Zbger! Sooooo, this is a short story about the pitiful Pokemon Breeder that i always have a rematch to level up my pokemon in Pokemon Ruby. Constructive critism will help me thank you SPECIAL THANKS: LIFE AS A POKEMON BREEDER...
  3. Z

    How to make a sig

    I've been around here a few days, and i'm wondering: How to make a signature? (you can lock this; I DON'T CARE)
  4. Z

    Pokemon for me in my life (Rated PG-13 for swearing)

    Author's note (even though I'm not an author myself): Hi people! Its me, a- Zbger! Well, this is my first time writing a fanfic, some don't blame me if the title and the body is so crappy. Pokemon in my life Prologue The water was still, as if a Surskit skating through the water noiselessly...