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  1. Paul1985

    My Pokemon X Team

    Greninja @ Life Orb Protean - Surf - Dark Pulse - Ice Beam - Extrasensory Torterra @ Miracle Seed Overgrow - Wood Hammer - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Crunch Delphox @ Charcoal Blaze - Flamethrower - Psychic - Shadow Ball - Hidden Power (Electric) Lucario @ Lucarionite Steadfast - Aura Sphere...
  2. Paul1985

    My Pokemon Y Team

    Delphox Ability: Blaze - Flamethrower - Psychic - Shadow Ball - Solar Beam Venusaur @ Venusaurite Ability: Overgrow - Energy Ball - Sludge Bomb - Hidden Power (Dragon) - Earthquake Sylveon Ability: Cute Charm - Moonblast - Draining Kiss - Shadow Ball - Refresh Lucario @...
  3. Paul1985

    My Pokemon White 2 Team

    I just finished the Elite Four and needed help with my team please: Serperior: Nature: Timid Ability: Overgrow - Leaf Blade - Coil - Aerial Ace - Aqua Tail Glaceon: Nature: Timid Ability: Snow Cloak - Ice Beam - Shadow Ball - Double Team - Hidden Power (Ground) Swanna: Nature: Hasty Ability...
  4. Paul1985

    My Current Pokemon Black 2 Team

    Samurott: Nature: Naive - Ice Beam - Surf - Return - Grass Knot Lucario: Nature: Impish - Aura Sphere - Close Combat - Dark Pulse - Earthquake Arcanine: Nature: Sassy - Crunch - Flare Blitz - ExtremeSpeed - Thunder Fang Espeon: Nature: Hardy - Psychic - Morning Sun - Shadow Ball - Signal Beam...
  5. Paul1985

    Future Black 2 Team

    Here is my planned Pokemon Black 2 Team not sure on the moves and natures though: Samurott (Torrent): - Surf - Ice Beam - Grass Knot - Return Lucario (Inner Focus): - Aura Sphere - Calm Mind - Ice Punch - Dark Pulse Arcanine (Intimidate): - Flare Blitz - Thunder Fang - Crunch...
  6. Paul1985

    Future White 2 Team

    Serperior (Overgrow): - Leaf Blade - Coil - Aqua Tail / Aerial Ace - Dragon Tail Glaceon (Snow Cloak): - Ice Beam - Hail - Aqua Tail - Swagger / Shadow Ball Swanna (Keen Eye): - Surf - Fly - Brave Bird - Return Aggron (Sturdy): - Iron Head - Stone Edge - Brick Break -...
  7. Paul1985

    My future Pokemon White team

    This is my future team but not entirely sure on the moves: Samurott: - Surf - Aqua Tail - Megahorn - to use against grass types - Dig - to use against electric types Stoutland: - Giga Impact - Last Resort - Aerial Ace - to use against fighting types - Protect Leavanny: -...
  8. Paul1985

    Problem with trading?

    A couple of days ago I got a Gameboy Advance link cable through ebay and I put it on my two GA so I could trade my pokemon on fire red to leaf green and it deleted my file on fire red what did I do wrong as all I did was put the cables on before turning it on.
  9. Paul1985

    Dragon Scale/Kings Rock?

    Can anyone please tell me where I find them I've looked but can't find them.
  10. Paul1985

    Raikou help?

    I have just finished the elite four and can't find Raikou steps I've done: Used 50 Ma Repels Hypno first in part level 48 Did it in route six above Vermulion via going in and out of tunnel So what am I doing wrong? Also I still have my master ball if that helps.
  11. Paul1985


    Where can I find TM Solarbeam I've looked in Celedon it's not there and haven't sen it on my travels so far.
  12. Paul1985

    Vileplume elite four help

    Well im going into the Elite four soon for the first time on my FR as I've already done that on LG these are my pokemon Blastoise lv 70 Water Pulse Surf Water Gun Hydro Cannon Zapdos lv 60 Thunder Wave Thundershock Drill Peck Thunder Articuno lv 60 Mist Gust Ice Beam Metal...
  13. Paul1985

    Rare Candy

    I need some rare candies to level up my hypno if anyone now how many are in the game.
  14. Paul1985

    Master Ball?

    I've just started my FR after completing my LG and I've forgotten where it is can anyone tell me where it is?
  15. Paul1985


    I was trying to add Squirtle and Wortortle to my LG pokedex as I'm on FR now but I'm on Blastoise seeing now I can't add them when I trade can I get Squirtle and Wortortle off colosseum if I trade from there into my LG.
  16. Paul1985

    Trade EV

    Well I've finished both LG/FR and I was going to trade these to LG from FR: Oddish Growlithe Ekans Scyther Electabuzz Psyduck I was wondering if i did that will they still evolve in LG.
  17. Paul1985

    Big Mushroom

    Well I'm trying to get the big mushroom in Lavender tower it's telling me it's there after using the Itemfinder but I can't retrieve it what do I have to do to get it.
  18. Paul1985


    I've been doing all the things which needs to evolve Chansey and Golbat ie Pokemon Centres, grooming at Daisys and leveling it up at the moment Daisy is saying this will it be long till they evolve: Golbat: Level 34 Holding Soothe Bell “It’s warming up to you, Trust must be growing between...
  19. Paul1985

    Why can't trade in my Leaf Green

    Why can't I trade I have done all the challenges ie elite 4 and the ruby/saphire when I go into the pokemon centre it says there is no one on do I need Gamecube as I have the wireless adapter.
  20. Paul1985

    Moon Stones

    How many are in the game as I only have found three which I've used on Nidorino, Nidorina and Jigglypuff is there anymore so I can evolve Clefairy or is that it now.