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    Leader of the Gym Leaders? [ADVENTURES]

    I hate to start a thread just to ask a question, but could somebody fill in the blank for me? Kanto - Erika Johto - Pryce Hoenn - Winona Sinnoh - ?
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    getting started

    I am a teenager living in Connecticut, and I want to get back into playing the TCG competitvely. I used to play up until Neo Genesis, and I have recently been going to the local league for about a month now. I do not possess enough legal cards to participate in anything, and I understand the...
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    Super Contests and Wifi!

    Are players able to do Super Contests over Wifi?
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    March Plot Discussion

    ORIGINAL POST:http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showpost.php?p=324982&postcount=71 Yay for Ms. Berlitz and Gyms!
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    new DP News

    I don't like that name..... Twinleaf. = (
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    In the Yellow Saga, a flashback shows Professor Oak battling Agatha. Professor Oak's Kangaskhan used Dizzy Punch on Gengar, and it connects, something that normally doesn't happen. In Diamond and Pearl, Kangaskhan's new ability is Bravery, an ability that allows it to hit Ghost types with...
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    Manga Web Episodes

    I was talking to a friend the other night, when something we both desired came into the conversation - an animé for PokéSpecial. As we all know, this obviously isn't going to happen any time soon, but I've been thinking - what if we _made_ an "animé" for it ourselves? We'd get people who...
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    Omg More Dp News

    OmG mOrE DiAmOnD aNd PeArL nEwS!!!11111 this title was created to get attention of other members. Shouldn't links on pages like: http://serebii.net/mysteriousdungeon/partners.shtml Link to the SpinOff Dex, rather than the Advance one?
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    Something against Germans?

    There is a rule here that one must give credit to any pics in the sig that don't belong to the user.... But I've seen NUMEROUS pics from PokéWiki, and nobody gets called on it. That image, found in THIS: http://serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=11520 member's sig. Those are ALL from...
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    Game Freak's Website....

    http://www.gamefreak.co.jp/ Is there a link to the Pokémon section somewhere? I recall going there and finding some very cool artwork for the games.... Or if you don't know, I just need the offical artwork for.... ORIGINAL Red ORIGINAL Green Gold Silver Ruby Sapphire If...
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    Pokémon is bad.... again

    Pokémon is bad.... again I'll make this short and sweet: Mom says PKMN is bad, saying it's ONLY fighting, and therefore violent. I tried to explain that PKMN is a friendship thing, and battling is a sport like Martial Arts, but said I "was too young, and I'm talking out of my ***"...
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    Other than the offical Netkun site, where can I get some good art from Pokémon Special. Even fan-art is fine, as long as it's good. I was trying to make a Crystal banner the other night, but it was impossible to rip her from that Suicune.... >_< So... yeah. Thanks. EDIT...