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  1. J


    I have recently been watching different episodes of the anime, and realized just how little Typhlosion has been shown. Overall I think there has been 3 shown, one had a two second cameo, one was in a special, and the other was around Ash's fourth badge in Hoenn. So my question is this, why do...
  2. J

    Ashs Primeape

    I have no idea if there had been a thread for this at some point before, so sorry if there has. But I have been watching episodes of pokemon, and recently seen the episodes based around Ashs Primeape, and have wondered, what was the point in Ash being giving it. I see how it was good to give...
  3. J

    how many people will miss dawn if she leaves the group after sinnoh/BF?

    i personnally think i will miss her but her character is so much like may was when she was in the group so it might not be so bad as when it was when someone like misty left.