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    I am back!

    Remember me? He he... Not Much happened to me while I was gone, Cept for the Fact that I became a HUGE Sonic fan. So Yesh... Oh And i'm 14 now. *Coughs* So anything happen here? Like New Avatars, other stuffs... *Looks to her right* Gabite Smile is still here! Whoot! Uhh I forgot my...
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    Quick Question

    I forgot her name, but the person you can snag the Murkrow from killed me once, and I can't find her again to snag the Murkrow. Do I have to wait till I beat the game to get the Murkrow now?
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    Darn Entei....

    I've been tring to snag it 6 times already... and failed.... eather I kill it, or it kills me. It ALWAYS escapes from my Ultra balls... (Can you get the Master ball this soon?) and I'm sick of resetting.... BTW, this is in Colo.... Should I just kill it and move on for now and get it later...
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    Which Karanakushi?

    Well... Witch one do you like better? Blue or Pink?
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    The Naetoru and Evos Club!

    Pochama and Hikozaru have one, why not Naetoru/Naetle? ;387; ;388; ;389; We also need a Mascot. And banners. And... the first two to join, become the first co-owners! =D Rules No bashing Naetoru/its evos No fights over if its name is Naetoru or Naetle Be nice to other members...
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    Versions of choice?

    I'm talking about how one version does better then the other(s) (The 3rd strangly does the best in the end (with Yellow being an eception)) Useullaly because of the Box Pokemon. Heres a list R/B/Y Red. Charizard G/S/C Silver. Lugia R/S/E Ruby. Groudon D/P Pearl. Parukia Funny how they...
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    GBA SP dark?

    For a few months now, my GBA Sp's backlight has not been working. At all, even WITH new batteries. Can it be fixed? =(
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    Nintendo's New Sprites

    The old thread died, but keep this one alive.. I may post my old sprites later when I get the chance... Anyway, I've made 2 things today, but, i'll post more soon. Nuzomu Nuzleaf/Agunomu splice Unown Period (Yea I know...) Fire Pikachu Noselix Nospase/Steelix mix...
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    Poor Skarmory... Its got the Same Sprite as 3rd gen! (The 2nd gen one looked bad) All they did was make it look more like Steel... They could have at least mad its head down or lift a foot or something... Heres some comparison pics. --- Gold--------Silver---------R/S---------D/P (I am...
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    So..... I'm Getting a Gamecube for Christmas What are some good games for it?

    So.... What are some good games? I KNOW i'm getting Pokemon XD so don't say that. I might get Animal Crossing too.... Or Sonic Gems collection cause I already have Mega colection for PS2... ~~;444;
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    Naetoru or Naetle?

    Well.... What do you call Naetoru? Do you call it Naetoru, Or Naetle? Please ignore the randomness of this Poll. Its strange that Naetoru has two names, Same with Diaruga "Dialga" And Parukia "Palkia" Maybe Dia/Par have the Rs switched with Ls in their second names, But then they'ed be...
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    It it it it it it it it.....

    Sorry if my title looks like spam... its not.. Anyway, I was always wondering, why does everyone in the Anime say "It looks hurt.." "Is it okay?" About all the pokemon. I've never seen them reference a pokemon by gender.... Not even a Miltank... Now then, there COULD have been some times they...
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    The Fukamaru/Gabaito/Gaburiasu Club!

    Yes, Its about time... We (Me and Gabaito) Need some banners, All we want on the banners are pics of Fuka/Gaba/Gabu with "Join the Fukamaru/Gabaito/Gaburiasu Club!" So, If you can make one, you'll get the Mew rank. ;) Banner 1 (By Me) Banner 2 (By BlazeShadow) We also need a...
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    Gaba Gaba...

    What pokemon is that? I think Gabaito, but i'm unsure... ~~;444;?
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    Entei Suicune Raikou? What Are they?

    I'm sorry if there is already A topic on this, But, Its so puzzling about what they are.... Some say Dogs some say Cats others even say stuff like Mice or Gerbils.. I personally say, Beasts... It covers all the names for them... So What do you guys think the trio is? ~~;444; Edit...
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    Has anyone...

    ...Got a Kecleon yet? I did...
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    Treecko in Pinball?

    Is is really Possible to catch Treecko in Pokemon Pinball R&S?
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    Dead disc drive?

    Okay well to tell the truth I think my main computer CD disc drive is dead. I've been trying to play Zoo tycoon 2 and it keeps saying insert the disc, but the disc is inserted, the disc is in mint condition too. So I tryed my trusty catz 5 disc, nouthing, a dvd, still zip. The last tyime it...
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    Nintendo_6444's Tiny request shop.

    Nintendo_6444's Bigger, Tiny request shop. Hi, I'm bored so opened a small sprite shop. NEW! EEVEE_MASTER WORKS HERE TOO! She makes trainer cards. What I do, Devamps Examples Recolors Examples B+W (this is a special style) Examples Blue Reloaded pokemon (My own...
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    Level 1?

    I know this applys to all pokemon rpg games but have you ever seen level 1 pokemon, or is the lowest level 2? I have never seen level 1's so, level 1 pokemon in the games do not exist?