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    If Ash were to end on Kanto?

    How would you have liked it to end? After Ash defeats Team Rocket, Giovanni, becomes champion of Kanto and captures MewTwo, I would have liked Ash to go to Mt. Silver which would be a great follow up to Gold/Jimmy entry to the series. After Gold/Jimmy destroys Team Rocket for good, and becomes...
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    What is Your Favorite Game Shipping?

    I have been curious to ask the shipping community here, in the Serebii forums of what gameverse shipping you support the most~ Mine is Burningleafshipping (Red x Leaf) with Hanadashipping (Red x Misty) coming in very close. What is yours? =)
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    Should Ash Just Have One Travelling Companion?

    In generation 7? I thought It would be a nice change and break the usual cycle of 3 to 4 companions every new generation. Just to have Ash travelling with the female PC, giving both more screen time and character development. Even though some fans would like to see Ash just travelling alone...
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    If the Pokemon Director gave you one choice

    Of which saga you would like to be redone (Better!) with Ash and the gang, which would it be? Personally I would say B&W saga. The games had such a great story, and the Best Wishes saga had a ton of potential to be awesome, but it was all thrown in the bin in my honest opinion. So yeah you can...
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    Should Ash Travel Alone in Generation 7?

    Do you think that Ash should travel alone in the next generation? While bumping into different people and traveling with them for one or three episodes? I think it would fresh the show up somewhat, and probably make him a better trainer. If Pokemon Origins and Pokemon Adventures/Special can...
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    Will They Keep Lysdare's Goal?

    Will they keep Lysandre goal to use the Ultimate Weapon to kill everyone except Team Flare? Or will the writers change it possibly making it less interesting or downright bad?
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    Will May have another appearance?

    Since they're remaking Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire in to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS do you think May will appear again in the series to advertise the new game? Since that's what the anime was made for.
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    How well do you think Lysandre will be portrayed

    I'm not keeping my hopes up for him as the N episode/arc was a giant let down for me. I didn't like the way they handled Neo Team Plasma.... So how well do you think Lysandre will be handled/portrayed?
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    If Blue was added in RBGY

    If Blue (the girl) was added in the original games (RBGY) as intended, do you think the writers would of replaced Misty with Blue as Ash's traveling companion.
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    If you were a Pokemon Trainer

    If Pokemon was real, and you were a Pokemon trainer. - What region would you start off in? - What would be your goal? - Where would your Home Town be? I would start off in Johto, my home town would be New Bark Town, and my goal would be to travel to different regions filling up the...
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    Who kissed Ash in Pokemon Heroes?

    This has always bothered me, but I think it was Latias because while it was stated in the movie that she was going to go to the market and left her hat, I think Latias picked up her drawing of and quickly delivered it before Ash left town. Another reason is that Latias was the only character...
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    Best Pokemon Saga?

    Which is your most favorite Pokemon saga out of the entire series? Mine personally is the one and only, and nearly everyone's favorite.... Kanto Saga. I also liked Johto but after Generation one and two finished (Kanto - RBGY, Johto - GSC), I felt like Pokemon started to get worse and...
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    Why does Origin Red have Fire Red model?

    Why didn't they decide to have Classic Red (Original) design? Is it because they would of confused the Original Red with Ash (as they look very similar to each other) from the anime?
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    How will Pikachu reset in the next generation

    So what will be the reason the will writers come up this time? How will Pikachu be reset for the next generation? Are they going to get a god Pokemon to reset Pikachu this time? Or some weak Pokemon or even a machine that will suck all of Pikachu's Electricity? In my opinion If Pikachu didn't...
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    Will Pokemon anime ever end?

    As much as I love the Pokemon anime I have completely lost faith in the anime and Ash ever becoming the Pokemon master. I don't think episode N will bring back the faith I once had. Will there ever be a day Pokemon will end? Will there ever be a fresh new start, with a different better (no...
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    Which Rival would you like to see in the next gen

    Which one of Ash's rivals would you like to see in the next generation of Pokemon? For me it'd have to be Paul and Gary. I would love to see a Paul vs Gary battle, Gary would win but it'd be very close and interesting. Even though any of the rivals appearing in the next gen are slim to none.
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    Will Cilan Stay for the next Saga? *SPOILERS*

    Cilan/Dent is a very popular character in Japan. I could see him traveling with Ash for a few more saga's, but probably not as much as Brock had. He wants to experience different people, places, and Pokémon to increase his skill as a Connoisseur so going to different regions with Ash to...
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    Would you like to see a episode or movie of Ash and Red meeting

    Would you like to see the anime producers make a special episode of Ash and Red finally meeting each other? Along with Leaf, Green and Yellow? Or would you prefer the anime producers making a movie with Red and Ash and some more characters from the Pokemon Adventures manga? Or none of the...
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    Which B&W charatcers would you prefer Ash traveling with now

    From the game Black and White only. If the anime producers gave us, fans, a vote on who's Ash next female and Male companion is.... Which female and Male character would you have voted for Ash to travel with next instead of Iris and Cilan? I would of liked White and Cheren to have traveled...
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    Could of Ash won the Shinnoh League

    If Tobias Didn't have any Legendary Pokemon? The outcome of the match without Tobias having legendary Pokemon would of been completely different of course and if Ash was using Pikachu (Of course) Infernape Buizel Sceptile Staraptor Gible Do you think Ash would of had a chance of winning that...