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    Violet City Blues

    Random arrangement of the Violet City theme I came up with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeXbE7Dxt5U
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    Need Help Evolving Your Pokemon?

    Hello. I could use some help evolving my Scyther, just PM me. Done. By the way, I will help as well if anyone needs to evolve anything, PM me for that as well. :p
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    Looking for people to battle with for funzies using my ingame team with mostly random evs (until I figured out that super training is actually easy) There's a speed boost blaziken in it which I'm looking forward to replace since it's so OP it's not even funny. If you don't like it I'm fine...
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    [guitar cover] Fight with Seymour from FFX

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPJ-Od48iZ0 Finished today. If you like it, there's a couple more covers on the channel (mostly Square RPGs music). Enjoy :V
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    Thanks for the feedback! :V I just pooped a new one. The quality is much better (at least, it...

    Thanks for the feedback! :V I just pooped a new one. The quality is much better (at least, it should be >_>) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPJ-Od48iZ0 this is the final fight with Seymour from FFX
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    Mixed Keldeo doesn't sound good, especially when you can hit on the physical side with Secret Sword off your much stronger special attack stat to begin with. If you really want to setup, Calm Mind is still an option. I guess ingame it might work, but Keldeo won't hurt with physical attacks...
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    Gameplay Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Stroking a pokemon and poking him with your stick. It sounds so wrong.
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    Check out Palkia/Dialga and a ton of other legendaries' movesets... Learning that move doesn't mean much.
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    The new """Fairy""" type brings male Gardevoir to a whole new level of wrong. \o/
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    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    It's not really "graphics", but still... At the end of the new trailer you can hear Hyper Beam's oldschool sound effect. For some reason my nostalgic self is so happy about it :V
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    Black 2 Post-E4 RMT (and 6th member

    Hope it helped
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    Rate My Black 2 Team

    Try Crobat with Black Sludge, Toxic, Fly, U-Turn, filler (Super Fang, Taunt, Protect, Roost if you don't like healing items). It's no Gliscor but it does resist Fighting four times and Fly isn't an entirely wasted move as you can "stall" two turns ingame with it. If you EV train, go max HP with...
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    Rate My Black 2 Team

    Hope it helped. If you use the team competitively, ignore half the suggestions. Ingame, certain moves simply waste your time (or moveslots).
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    •Official B2/W2 In-Game Tiers• * READ THE OP *

    Umbreon doesn't get a decent STAB move, Foul Play/Payback are unreliable ingame. Dark Pulse comes from 60 special attack which is even lower than its attack of 65. As for coverage, you have Iron Tail (eww), Psychic (not the greatest coverage with dark), and no real useful support move. There's...
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    Please rate my Black 2 team! (Post-Elite Four)

    Whimsicott is OK if you keep in mind it can only annoy stuff to death with prankster Sub, Leech Seed, Stun Spore, etc. and usually the only attacking move they carry is U-Turn, competitively. It's not the best thing ever ingame. Deerling can't really abuse Serene Grace, you're better off...
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    Planned Emereld team (HELP PLEASE :))

    Unless Shiftry has a lot more attack than special attack, Faint Attack should hurt more with STAB than Shadow Ball, and have the benefit of never missing. There's quite a few Double Team abusers in lategame battles, so it's worth considering. Bullet Seed is terrible, go for Giga Drain. Brick...
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    Platinum ingame RMT

    Thanks for the help so far. I bred a male Calm Roseila with Sleep Powder, will do as a sixth. So far Sleep Powder/Leech Seed/Giga Drain are working good, will probably get Sludge Bomb for Grass types. Probably gonna go with Strength on Golem then teach it Double Edge for the E4. Rock moves'...
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    Platinum ingame RMT

    Feel like taking some dust off Platinum while waiting for gen VI... Just using a bunch of stuff I never tried out, team might change and I need a sixth, but not sure on what to use yet. Also about held items, I'm near clueless on what you find and when, so any suggestion is appreciated. ;392...
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    White 2 Challenge Mode Team

    Swords Dance, Calm Mind, Nasty Plot etc are not status moves. They're setup moves, which are one of the easiest way of plowing through ingame teams. AI doesn't switch, so you can set up on stuff you resist very easily. Slap a Rawst Berry on Weavile on the ghost Elite 4, setup one SD on the...
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    But what about Gengar :( He's poison/ghost and he steals people's souls at night! I'd like some new typing to be honest. And just by instinct, I think the new Eveelution is gonna be either Flying or Dragon... Not for any particular reason, except the fact that any other type wouldnt fit...