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  1. Blackkyurem

    Oh My, The Forums are still alive?

    Yooooo I have been gone from this place for two whole years and idk what really encouraged me to decide to log in but I did it anyways. The forums are still alive? Really? This is awesome. This makes me feel olddddddddd.
  2. Blackkyurem

    Weirdest Drink Combination?

    Hello there! My explanation of the thread is basically you share recipes for "Suicide" Drinks. What are suicide drinks? It is a mix of different types of pop that shouldn't taste good together, but do. They are called Suicide because they can usually taste nasty. It's a process. So. What is...
  3. Blackkyurem

    Good Writing Application [Help]

    Hello, I am going to write an RPG, but I need a good writing application to write it in. I can't get MSpaint or anything that costs money. Few things I need: Not a crappy font like Notepad Must be able to auto- move to the next line Thanks!
  4. Blackkyurem

    Do something to the next person to post

    What you do is say an action but the next person has to pretend it happens to them. Nothing racist or inappropriate or mean please and don't say dies or something. Ok ill go, 'Breaks next person's keyboard.'
  5. Blackkyurem

    Blackkyurem's Pixel Art

    Welcome to my shop, Blackkyurem's Pixel Art! I am so glad to give some sprites. It will be my great honor to make you recolors and other Pixel art. Before we get to the Art, lets get some rules. 1.) Follow all the rules of Serebii 2.) when requesting please be patient for your request don't...
  6. Blackkyurem

    DC Superheroes: Justice's Last Hope

    I do not own DC Superheroes. Warning this is Non-Cannon. The world is in peril. The Joker, Lex Luthor, Cheetah, Sinestro, and Professor Zoom are teaming up on Gotham city. Hath-Set, Malefic, Dr. Dome, Chronos, and Dr. Sivana are attacking Metropolis. The world only has a handful of superheroes...
  7. Blackkyurem

    Hurt and heal : The Most Popular Pokemon

    Welcome to my first spin-off! This one is about finding the most popular pokemon on Serebii! Now it will go types in a reigon like this Normal in Kanto and such. Now you get ten imagi-chips a week. They can be used for both healing and hurting. Now each pokemon gets thirty Hp. Now if the pokemon...
  8. Blackkyurem

    The New Trainer's Story

    The New Trainer's Story (PG) Chapter 1:Leaving Littleroot Ash’s story is starting to ware down, so I decided to create something like it. It all starts in Littleroot town on Tyler’s birthday, where he is rushing to Professor Birch’s Laboratory. He goes in and rushes Professor Birch to show...
  9. Blackkyurem

    The First Real Shiny Hunter(PG)

    This is not based on me. Chapter 1:The First Shiny Ten years before Ash has started his journey on that same day it was time for other trainers to start thier journey.A boy named Dan was just finished changing."Honey,time to go or you won't get a pokemon."said Dan's mom. 10 minutes later he was...